The Yankees-Rays Fight Makes It Into College Basketball Somehow

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

I guess I might be at fault for overhyping this today as well when I first posted about it, but I never thought I'd see the highlight spill over into ESPN's College Basketball coverage. Bobby Knight is in the midst of his first night on ESPN, and doing rather well (more on this tomorrow), when Rece Davis has this to say....

Oh really?! Nice segue Rece....good to know I can change the channel now. Look I'm all for clips of fights and if you want to do a Sports Center update to show it feel free (I'll change the channel). But it is downright maddening when you show a weak Baseball fight from SPRING TRAINING (!) during Championship Week. Please let me just enjoy Basketball before the 10 months of nothing but Baseball. Thank you.

The Yankees are like cranberry and they're getting in all my juices (if you get that reference +10)!

P.S.- I love the ESPN sweater Bobby Knight.


Seguay? Really? Please. Pull it together. Spelling counts.

DR said...
Mar 12, 2008, 10:05:00 PM  

Ooooooh typos! Sorry to disappoint you two seconds after I put the post up.

Mar 12, 2008, 10:14:00 PM  

AMEN AA!! Couldn't agree more with you on this one.
That's why I only watch ESPN for the games.
No pre-game, no halftime, no post-game.

Anonymous said...
Mar 12, 2008, 10:24:00 PM  

Another case of ESPN trying to keep everyone updated on everything in the world of sports. An example scrolled during the Big East/NEC Championship games on the BottomLine: (NCAAW Update: 3-28 Colorado State upsets 28-3 & #13 ranked Utah in the Mountain West Quarters of women's basketball)

And I care because?

Mar 12, 2008, 10:25:00 PM  

Whoever the salesman is for cranberries is doing a great job. That's Brian Regan. He's the greatest.

bastronaz said...
Mar 12, 2008, 10:33:00 PM  

Bastronaz wins the internet!

Mar 12, 2008, 10:35:00 PM  

I was gonna say...

"Cranberries, what do you got apples? Cranapples, go 50-50...What do you got grapes? Cran-grape? What do you got mango? Cranmango. What do you got pork chops? Cranchops...Why don't you back off cranberry man..."

Haha..I love Regan.

tanman23 said...
Mar 12, 2008, 10:52:00 PM  

haha Brian Regan does rock. And no, this has nothing to do with ESPN trying to be up on all sports, but it has everything to do with being up on everything NY, especially the yankees.

If this had been the Rays and say, Orioles, would it have led sportscenter, hell, would it even have been on ESPN? I think not. But in a pathetic and desperate attempt to placate NY fans who think their team takes precedence over all others (here's a hint: they don't), they fill the airwaves with this garbage.

Brian said...
Mar 13, 2008, 2:30:00 AM  

You know if this was a Red vs. Padres fight we would hear nothing about it on COLLEGE GAMENIGHT.

Disgusting to me.

Brett said...
Mar 13, 2008, 7:40:00 AM  

Hey guys, look what I put for the serving size on this ice cream. I just did it as a joke but it's going out like that. Did Charlie see it? Charlie come here...

Anonymous said...
Mar 13, 2008, 11:33:00 AM  

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