Michael Irvin and ESPN Part as Friends

Monday, February 19, 2007

So lost in all the hoopla this past weekend (I mean how can you top a 67 year old white man and 43 year old large black man kissing) was Michael Irvin actually being kicked to the curb by ESPN. Irvin seemed neither upset or bitter about the situation when reached for comment yesterday.....

ESPN "was great for me and I want to thank all of them for the opportunity." Irvin was in the film The Longest Yard and is interested in doing more acting: "When you work for ESPN, there are certain things you can't do.....I'd still love to talk football on TV, but also want to have leeway."
I guess the biggest problem I have with this is the timing. Why wait until now? Doesn't make much sense. I forgot the commenter who said this, but he/she mentioned that ESPN would be idiots for firing him for next season because he's going into the Hall. Great point......makes no sense. You know what makes even less sense though?
Logical additions to ESPN NFL studio shows include recently retired coach Bill Parcells, who has already worked at ESPN, and Emmitt Smith, who had a recent tryout at ESPN and last season worked on the NFL Network.
Please do not replace Irvin with Emmitt.....please. I thought Emmitt was horrible during the National Championship game. And Bill Parcells? Could you get someone with less personality??? I guess they are trying to get as far away from Irvin as possible with the new hires.

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