Tim Hardaway Calls Out Charles Barkley

Friday, February 23, 2007

So on the main page of the Leader they have a Scoop Jackson interview of Tim Hardaway that just blew my mind. It's not the interview (Scoop asks the right questions), but of course it's the responses have me reeling. So rather than tear the article down (plenty of others will do that), and basically get nowhere.....I'm just going to focus on a small part of it. You can read the whole thing for yourself, but I warn you....it will more than likely just make you lose more respect for Hardaway.

I Don't Have a Hate Bone In My Body (Page 2)

"Yes. I understand it, believe me I understand it. But that doesn't mean that I'm going to run from any situation. I didn't grow up like that. I was always taught if you do something, face the piper. Try to make it right. That's what I'm trying to do. But I still don't think for 30 seconds of what I said, that that should be it. I could see two or three days, if I did something on that level for a couple of days, over a weekend. But for one thing said? For the rest of my life I should be known for this?!? When Charles Barkley said he don't like white people, after a year or six months he's back in the good graces with everyone."
Charles Barkley has a white wife!?!?!?!?!? Are you kidding me Timmy? I understand that Charles was raked through the coals a bit, but seriously that's just a classless thing to do. That's like when Kobe was in panic mode and called out Shaq for cheating on his wife.

The best part of the article is the first paragraph. Scoop explains why he wanted to do the article because he and Hardaway are "tight".
"What do you do when you see your friend in the middle of the ocean drowning?"
Well Scoop....most people would throw them a life preserver, but you my friend.....you threw a boulder at Timothy. Read the rest and see.....I'm done with absent-minded people like Hardaway.

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As for Scoop... one of the major rules in journalism is if you aren't willing to write something about someone, either what they said or did, then you shouldn't be doing a story about them. So Scoop is being a good journalist by not throwing Hardaway a life preserver or letting him off easy.

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