Trade Deadline Madness- Open Thread

Thursday, February 22, 2007

So your first rumor of the day is in from Contra Costa Times.....

Michael Pietrus to Portland for Juan Dixon (Denied by the Warriors)- Via Rotoworld 10:55am

Good move on their part. Looks like Pietrus is available though. I'm a big fan of his actually....I think he would thrive away from G-State. You would have thought with the Dunleavy Trade that he would get some PT, but not when you trade Forwards for Forwards.

Rumor: Minnesota's Mike James to Houston (Hinges on Eddie Griffin inclusion)- Houston Chronicle.

Not likely to happen, and the article doesn't even say who the the Timberwolves would get.

Here comes the ESPN Hype Machine......from Chris Sheridan (Insider) come these "possible" deals.

Rumor: Kidd to the Lakers for a combination of Kwame Brown, Chris Mihm, Aaron McKie, Jordan Farmar, and a 1st Round Pick.

Not a chance in hell. The Nets are said to want Odom or Bynum in any deal.

Rumor: Vince Carter to the Clippers for Shaun Livingston and Corey Maggette

Rumor: Mike James to the Kings, Drew Gooden to the Timberwolves, Bibby to the Cavs

Rumor: Marcus Banks to Cleveland, Damon Jones to the Suns

Rumor: Bonzi Wells to Chicago, Michael Sweetney to the Rockets

Rumor: Wells to Detroit for Flip Murray and Dale Davis

Rumor: PJ Brown to the Mavs for ???

Rumor: Fred Jones to Portland, Juan Dixon to Toronto

Rumor: Jackie Butler from the Spurs to the 76ers

Again....all ESPN Hype, but we'll see what transpires. Chad Ford is on at noon (SportsNation), so he'll be pimping one of those 4-team 17 player deals that never happens.

ESPN is now saying that Scottie Pippen's most likely destination is Cleveland. They are reporting that he had an interview recently and that the Cavs are interested

Rumors from Ben Maller at FoxSports........

Rumor: Carter to the Knicks for Channing Frye, Jammal Crawford, and Malik Rose (Riiiiiiight)

Rumor: Kidd to the Suns?!?!?! for Raja Bell, Kurt Thomas, and the Hawks 1st Rounder acquired in the Joe Johnson trade.

Rumor: Corey Maggette to the Jazz, Gordon Giricek and Rafael Araujo's expiring contract to the Clippers.

None of which are going to happen......

SportsNation Chad Ford: (12:02 PM ET ) Aloha everyone. Whoa ... this room is crowded already. Give me one sec, just finishing up a call with a GM ... I'll be right back. Keep sending in your questions ...

Hahahaha. Of course you are Chad....or course you are. Chad also says that Jason Kidd is staying in New Jersey....

(Side Note: I know that you can just go and read the chat yourself, so I'll try not to freak out everytime Chad says something like....."Kidd to Wizards for Arenas and Calvin Booth")

This trade deadline is going to suck (like it does every year)....Chad just commented that Bibby and Mike James aren't looking like their moving. If you're keeping count that's 3 so far.

Rumor from Memphis Commercial Appeal: Chucky Atkins, Stromile Swift, Dahntay Jones, and Damon Stoudemire are on the block.

First trade of the day.......Anthony Johnson to the Hawks, 2nd Round Pick to the Mavs (Blockbuster Deal!!!!)- Reported by Chad Ford at 12:18 (No one else has it yet)

Ford says Abdur-Rahim to the Bulls is unlikely. How funny would it be if only Anthony Johnson got traded?

Chadwick also has to see his numbers dwindling in the chat because he just threw out this Rumor: Drew Gooden to the Suns for Marcus Banks, Kurt Thomas, and some draft Picks. Cause getting a slow as Drew Gooden would fit in that offense.

I'm seriously falling asleep now. I would take anyone going to anywhere at this point. Chad is answering Kevin Garnett questions now, and the Wolves aren't going to trade him (which is retarded on McHale's part).

Players Chad thinks are getting traded: Jamaal Magloire, and........umm, that's it. YEAAA!

The Atlanta Constitution Journal gets wind of the Anthony Johnson deal. Way to make up for passing on Chris Paul, Hawks!- 12:41pm

Chad Ford Rumor: Toronto wants Darko

From The NJ Star Ledger......Nets cutting off all talk of Kidd to Lakers unless they include Bynum.

One Hour Down.....2 to go. New Thread coming......

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