Trade Deadline Madness Stagnation- Open Thread Hour 2

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Trade #2- Fred Jones to Portland, Juan Dixon to the Raptors- Rotoworld 1:04pm

Exciting stuff we've got going on here. Rotoworld reports it, but credits ESPN. Chad Ford has yet to say anything about it.

Ahhh figured it out. Ric Bucher reported it....making Chad Ford's chat pretty irrelevant.

That's it for Chad. He's off to call Bryan Collangelo and beg him for a scoop. Sorry for ignoring the rumors, but I really thought Chad was going to bring us more than just Anthony Johnson.

More ESPN Rumors:

Rumor: Carter to the Magic for Darko, Hedo Turkoglu, and JJ Redick

Rumor: Jason Richardson to the Nets

Rumor: Kings trying to make a play for Kidd

Rumor: Etan Thomas to the Bulls

Rumor: Adonal Foyle to the Blazers, Jamaal Magloire to the Warriors

Interesting story I came across in the Arizona Republic. Mike D'Antoni is firing back at comments made about the Suns using a short rotation. Who made the comments? Sir Charles of course.

D'Antoni said he wasn't sure he should take basketball advice from someone who "choked" away championships and had his own playoff conditioning questioned.
Obviously more to come on this with TNT airing games tonight. I'll probably have video up at some point.

CBS Sportsline just now put up the Johnson Trade (1:30pm). Nothing from Fox or Yahoo.

That's it for hour two, and it has been a quiet one. Nothing came out of it besides some Barkley trash talk. New thread for the last hour, and any other deals that trickle through. We'll be back to your regular AA at 3pm. I have a couple of other items for the end of the day.

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What a dull trade deadline so far. I suspect role player trades only; no superstars.

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