Tommy and Mikey.....BFFs???

Friday, February 23, 2007

It was windy as all hell in the Sports Blogging Mecca last night, so of course Comcast was screwed up. I had to watch basketball games that paused every4 seconds, so any video was choppy. Rather than subject you Charles Barkley's response to Mike D'Antoni I found you this to discuss. From Fanhouse via Ben Maller.

Looks like Michael Irvin and Tom Jackson are actually pretty close......

"When I talked to Tom we cried like babies. We just cried like babies. We had such great times together. And it was so amazing to have 2 grown men on the phone crying like we were crying...about not working together again. But then it says so much to how we enjoyed working together."
Awww. You cried with your sweet little retard. That's soooooo cute! I'm okay with crying, but "2 grown men on the phone crying" is not "amazing".

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"Michael, you can be my wingman any time!"

"No, Tom, you can be mine."

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