Channel 4 News Team Assemble for Liveblogapocalypse!

Monday, March 12, 2007

So I, and my Merry Band of reporters, have a new name. The Channel 4 News Team.

Our Slogan...."Whatever & Whenever, You Can & Want to Cover"

And that's basically what you'll get this week from AA. A healthy dose of previews, live-blogs, and complete and utter randomness.

Here is your Channel 4 News Team.....

Veronica Vaughn (AKA Extrapolater)
Brick Tamland (AKA RUTS)
Brian Fantana (AKA JCMJ)
Champ Kind (AKA OMDQ)

And I guess I'm Ron Burgundy, although I fancy myself more of a Fred Willard (Ed Harkin) type.

Anywho, these are the folks who will keep me afloat this week, so please give them and myself your undivided attention:

The Schedule.....

Tuesday: Two Regional Previews plus other goodies.

Wednesday: Two Regional Previews plus other goodness (notice the change...the goodies will be all gone by then)

Thursday: All three early games will be live-blogged on the site by myself, RUTS, and Extrapolater. You can also bank on us covering the next set of games, and myself finishing out the night with as many games I can bring you.

Friday: More of the, live-blogging, live-blogging.

I'm hoping that everyone knows that I have the BDLBSP (Best Damn Live-Blogging Staff Period), and you'll join us for coverage you won't get anywhere else. So if you are at work please stop by and join us. As always......comment early and comment often. It's going to be a blast!

P.S.- I am not to be held liable if I pass out drunk at 3pm EST.


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Sounds like fun -- I'll try and surf by while at work.

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