ESPN Mocked The AFL (Before They Bought It)

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Noticed a funny little throwaway piece on the AFL in the New York Post the other day. Apparently ESPN used to mock the AFL when they would call-in to send highlights for SportsCenter. That's funny I could have sworn I saw an AFL clip yesterday on SportsCenter. Hmm???

Not that we should be surprised, but now that ESPN has bought into the Arena Football League, "SportsCenter" carries AFL news and highlights. Before that, according to a former AFL operative, attempts to have ESPN show AFL highlights were futile: "I'd call the assignment desk and practically be laughed off the phone."
I wonder how NASCAR used to feel?

Baseball Has A Lot of Nerve (New York Post: 3rd Item)

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I wish ESPN still felt this way about the AFL. :(

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