Midwest Region Preview (Extrapolater)

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Your next preview comes from the Mid Major Man himself....Extrapolater.

Veronica Corningstone (he dubbed himself that) and I met through mutual "failed" writing attempts for a certain website (that shall remain nameless). He has plans to keep my head above water during the live-blogging over the next two days, and I'll need his life-preserver (I swear that's not dirty).

From the man who brought you Who the Hell are the Winthrop Eagles?, and (my personal favorite) Tom Brady: I'm the Father of Anna Nicole's Baby....comes the Midwest Region Preview. Read Ex's thoughts after the jump.

(FYI- AA is picking FLA/MD/ND/UNLV, FLA/ND, FLA)

Obviously we have to look out for the defending champs in this bracket. The less said about them, the better. But mark my words, Joakim Noah WILL receive karmic retribution for that nauseating dance he did after the SEC tournament final. Act like you been there before, mon frere.

The Butler/ODU game is mid-major heaven. Neither team has a player over 6’ 7”, and outside shooting is a beloved tactic for either squad. Valdas Vasilyus is the Monarchs’ top scorer and rebounder. Butler puts a formidable squad of big-school transfers and sharpshooters on the floor, but couldn’t back up their national ranking by winning their own conference. Highly suspect.

Maryland always seems to make a run this time of year. They certainly have talent and coaching. The question is, who steps up big? I’m thinking D.J. Strawberry gets fed up with hearing about Yannick Noah and Sidney Green and gives DAR-RYL! the vicarious thrill of living through his son.

Winthrop, Winthrop, Winthrop. Lord how I hate to jump on bandwagons. I’m a little bit troubled by their struggle to put down VMI in the Big South final. Quite frankly, Notre Dame looks like they distribute the wealth pretty well, with five double-figure scorers. Winthrop is good, but it’ll have to be their night for them to advance.

I don’t really believe in the bottom half of this bracket. Nobody jumps out at me, given that Wisconsin lost Brian Butch.

Who makes the Sweet Sixteen? Florida, Maryland, Notre Dame, Wisconsin.

Regional Final: Florida vs. Wisconsin – winner is Florida

Regional MVP: Horford can’t take away the embarrassment, but he can prove Dickie V. right. I think he’s motivated to pull some of that spotlight away from Noah legitimately, by outplaying him on the court.


Aaron Brooks disagrees with your Notre Dame Sweet 16 picks

seriously-no love for Oregon?

Sam said...
Mar 14, 2007, 1:15:00 PM  

I have the Ducks putting the Gators on their butts come Elite Eight time.

UNLV will put Wisconsin out of their misery. You can't put it all on Alando Tucker and Chris Rock's stunt double (Kameron Taylor).

Signal to Noise said...
Mar 14, 2007, 2:08:00 PM  

Not even one mention of the mighty Miami Redhawks? At least note they have to be one of the whitest and most vertically challenged teams going to the big dance. Everyone loves Redheaded twins! Am I right?

Mar 14, 2007, 4:55:00 PM  

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