Pete Gillen is After Your Lucky Charms!

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Extra P. here. If, like me, you got stuck in the car for part of the week's NCAA action, you might have found a Westwood One radio affiliate on your AM dial. A pretty solid lineup of announcers will be calling the tournament over the airwaves, including Kevin Harlan, John Thompson, and Bill Raftery.

In addition, during the Virginia v. Tennessee game, I heard a very voluble, fast-talking New Yorker using terms like "gawt da bawl down low" "Reynolds is a cold-blooded KILLAH!", etc. I believed this to be former UVA coach Pete Gillen, who has been spotted in Columbus' press row by several alert television viewers. This was confirmed by the TV announcers. The interplay of the games is very entertaining on radio, so if you have access to Westwood One somewhere on your dial, you might just want to turn down the TV volume and enjoy the Cawfee Tawk color analysis from our own wee leprechaun.

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Posted by Eric (Extra P.) at 12:33 PM


Duke is Duke, they're on tv more times than Leave it to Beavah.

Anonymous said...
Mar 18, 2007, 6:37:00 PM  

Pete Gillen. Gary Williams. Sweat off. 10 o'clock. Old Mill. Periods.

HadesGigas said...
Mar 19, 2007, 12:24:00 AM  

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