March Madness Live-Blog- UVA/Albany

Friday, March 16, 2007

So we're back again today for another set of non-upset games. I'm sorry I couldn't do the Memphis game, but I've brought Izzy the Islander (from TAMCCU) on to watch over me, and keep me in line. He'll be our official mascot for the day.

UVA got a very high seed in my opinion, but as long as Singletary and Reynolds are running the court they can compete with anyone. Albany is no slouch though....Guard Jamar Wilson is going to cause the Cavaliers fits.

Yours truly is on this game, so I'll see you on the Southside after the jump (I hope that song gets stuck your head....Here we are now going to the Southside, blah blah blah as we start to ride).

UVA #4 South Region:

Conference Atlantic Coast
Location Charlottesville, VA
Coach Dave Leitao (since 2005)
Arena John Paul Jones Arena
Record 19-10 (11-5)
RPI 54
NCAA Appearances 15
NCAA Record 21-15 (.583)
Last Bid 2001
Last Win 1995

Albany #13 South Region:

Conference America East
Location Albany, NY
Coach Will Brown (since 2001)
Arena SEFCU Arena
Record 23-9 (13-3)
RPI 88
NCAA Appearances 1
NCAA Record 0-1 (.000)
Last Bid 2006
Last Win Never

"I think Double Digits will Delight their Devotees today"- Clark Kellogg

CK breaks out the alliteration early today. I don't know if I can take another day of this nonsense.

Your announcers.....Tim Brando and Mike Giminski. I predict Giminski flips out after seven Duke jokes from Brando and breaks the scorer's table.

UVA gets the tip, and we're live from a very dark Columbus, Ohio

CAAAAAAAAAIN!!!!! (in the voice of Paul Bearer) gets an easy two for the Cavs.

6-0 UVA as Albany double teams Cain and he dishes for an easy two. Another missed three for the Danes, and UVA is looking strong early. Wilson gets UA on the board with a jumper, but Cain answers with a jumper. If he's hitting from outside the Danes are done.

Under 16 and it's 8-2 UVA.....that went quick.

10-2 UVA, and they hit a three 13-2.

Siggers commits a foul for UA and Tim Brando let's us know that the team's only common opponent was Utah. Another three for UVA....Reynolds hits this time. 14 point lead. Singletary hits a three and the Cavs aren't missing.

Gifford tangles with you think that's one of Kathy Lee and Frank's sons?

19-4 at the under 12 timeout.

CAAAAAIN! with the dunk, and this one is out of hand early. Why do I always get these games?

Siggers with the nice pass for an easy layup. This Siggers kid is about the only one playing for the Danes. 3 for Wilson, and he gets on the board. That woke up UA, but Reynolds sits em right back down with a three for UVA.


Okay I'm done with that joke. Reynolds is on fire....5 for he hits a runner. Siggers hits a fadeaway.

Buuuuuuuut Reynolds again for three! 29-9, and he's got 16. Timeout Danes with 9 minutes to go.

"The buckets are coming up Reynolds wrap in Columbus!"- TB, Umm what?

Ha....great graphic from CBS that shows Reynolds is beating UA by himself 16-11. Make that 18-11 as he hits again. Siggers follows at the other end, and if it wasn't for him they'd be cooked.

We're under 8 minutes.....33-14.

Wilson hits a three for the Danes after the timeout, and if it wasn't for Reynolds they'd be in it.

"They are jumping him hard"- MG, Not sure what he was talking about....that's all that I could hear. I have the mind and humor of a 12 year old.

Singletary just kills Yati with a crossover could say that's a mismatch. Singletary hits two from the line....the lead is 16.

"Remember my friends....follow the ruuuules"- MG
"Hahahahahahaha"- TB
This was after a Rules of Engagement promo.....maybe I missed the joke.

Lillis blocks a Reynolds three and throws a sick behind the back pass, but his teammate blows the exchange. Singletary is fouled and UVA is in the 1 and 1. He hits one, and UVA gets the O-board on the second one. The Cavs convert and the lead is 19 as we go under 4 minutes.

40-21....3 plus to go.

Reynolds hits two more throws and he has 21....he's tied with Albany again. Extra special thanks to Giminski for continuing to mention this. I'm sure the UofAlbany is amused.

I actually just learned that Yati's name is actually spelled Iati. Kind of like how god's name starts with an "I" in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.

20 point lead as we approach a minute to go. Wilson hits a driving layup and goes to the line....about time he looked for his shot. He misses the throw though. Reynolds gets to the line again. 36.4 to go.

Albany 25- JR Reynolds 45- Albany 25 at the half.

So apparently ESPN thinks my game is over. Yep 45-25 final....UVA wins it. My live-blogging is done!. (Thanks to Ben for the screen shot)

Albany comes out tough and a player dives through the scorer's table. Good hustle. Soroye hits two and is fouled for UVA....they are just too strong for the Danes. 25 point lead.

Wilson hits the three for UA. "They've got to take this game in 4 minute intervals....try to win each one"- MG. Actually I like that strategy...haven't heard it put that way before.

Verne Lundquist in the Memphis/North Texas game: "This is a team that spurts." (Bad Braves Fan)

Hahahahahaha. I told you I never get the good games.

25 point lead still. "Those tall timbers from Virginia"- TB. Reynolds hits ANOTHER three. Timeout.

Singletary makes a spinning layup and we've got a timeout. 60-30 Wahoos.

That's not good. Singletary and Wilson smack heads together, and both go down hard. Come one're up thirty....let's bench a few guys.

60-32...12:45 left.

Great no look pass to Lillis but he can't finish for the Danes. 62-32 at the under 12 timeout.

It's incredibly tough to live-blog an uninteresting game while trying to create three new previews. Oh's Madness right? Who cares. Sorry for the lack of posting on this game anyway(s).

Wilson and Reynolds trade buckets and we're under 10 minutes to go.

Everyone should head over to S2N's Live-blog....GT and UNLV are tied with 15 minutes left.

Don't look now, but Albany has cut the 30 point lead down to 20. Now if they could only turn into Florida (Wonder Twin Powers Activate....Form of Transexual!)....they'd have a chance.

66-45 with 7 minutes to go.

Wilson from Albany is going to have a pretty big bump on his head. Singletary is perhaps one of the fastest people I've ever seen dribble a ball. The teams trade baskets.....and the lead stays at 21.

WOW! Wilson shows us what this tourney is all about. He goes through five UVA players and gets hammered. He flips up the shot and is fouled....his tail-bone takes the fall. Amazing play.....and the lead is still 20. That's heart.

73-50...under 5 minutes to go.

Reynolds and Singletary have combined for 46 points. Umm yeah....don't think you can win when a team does that to you. Make that 49 as Singletary hits a three.

Great shot of ex-UVA Coach Pete Gillen. He's ironically doing radio for today's game for Westwood One.

Singletary hits again and the backcourt total goes over 50 for the Cavs. 1 minute to go.....

84-57.....Seth Davis says UVA reminds him of the Buckeyes backcourt of Penn and Redd. Good comparison.

Thanks commenters.....I'll see you later in the day.

Posted by Awful Announcing- at 11:36 AM


Virginia looks fast. I really haven't seen them much this year.

Mar 16, 2007, 12:21:00 PM  

do you think nicholas cage is proud of the coaching job his little brother has done at UAlabany this season?

point 23 said...
Mar 16, 2007, 12:29:00 PM  

I love how I was playing $5 hands of blackjack on last night and winning about $90, but I get ridiculously pissed off when I put a $5 bet on a two-hour game and it blows up in my face.

Come on, Albany.

Mar 16, 2007, 12:37:00 PM  

I'm just glad I don't so far. I don't need a repeat of L'Ville-Stanford.

Virginia's guards are SICK.

Signal to Noise said...
Mar 16, 2007, 12:38:00 PM  

Paul Bearer is nice, but what about Robocop 2?


By the way, Chief Illiniwek called. He's offended by Izzy the Islander.

Grimey said...
Mar 16, 2007, 1:19:00 PM  

Verne Lundquist in the Memphis/North Texas game: "This is a team that spurts."

Grimey said...
Mar 16, 2007, 1:27:00 PM  

Did Tim Brando just call UVA's forwards "tall timbers?"

Signal to Noise said...
Mar 16, 2007, 1:35:00 PM  

I got the back end of the first half of Memphis-UNT here. That spurting line was great, but the real treat was when a player got fouled, and exaggerated it hard.

"Was there any Louganis there?" - Verne
"A little bit." - Bill

Signal to Noise said...
Mar 16, 2007, 1:37:00 PM  

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