March Madness Live-Blog- Texas Tech/Boston College

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Bobby Knight is in rare from already as he got into an interesting conversation with Bob Ryan at the Press Conference (He asked him where he got his tan). Join RUTS after the jump for all the fun!

Boston College #7 East Region:

Conference Atlantic Coast
Location Chestnut Hill, MA
Coach Al Skinner (since 1997)
Arena Silvio O. Conte Forum
Record 20-11 (10-6)
RPI 28
NCAA Apearances 16
NCAA Record 21-17 (.553)
Last Bid 2006
Last Win 2006

Texas Tech #10 East Region:

Conference Big 12
Location Lubbock, TX
Coach Bobby Knight (since 2001)
Arena United Spirit Arena
Record 21-12 (9-7)
RPI 53
NCAA Appearances 13
NCAA Record 8-14 (.364)
Last Bid 2005
Last Win 2005

And we're off in Winston-Salem. Sadly, the creepy Demon Deacon mascot is nowhere to be seen. Al Skinner and Bobby Knight meet for a mid-court handshake, and Dick Enberg gushes that they're "two of the greats!" Well, 50% isn't so bad.

Immediately, there's an offensive foul on BC's rebounding and scoring leader, Jared Dudley. Not a guy who want in first-half foul trouble if you're a Boston College fan. We're approaching the 16:00 timeout and it's 3-2, Boston College. Looks like a YMCA game.

Back from commercial, and the teams have apparently discovered that they need to score a few points in order to win. I was briefly excited because I thought Texas Tech had a guy named Sensei White, which would've been awesome. His actual name is Decensae. Oh, well. Boston College looks like the better team, but we're somehow tied at 9-9.

Break up those Red Raiders! They started the game shoowing 1-for-10, but have made their last four five shots, and it's a 16-14 BC lead. Jared Dudley is having his way in the paint, but he picks up his second foul at the 11:17 mark. It's a questionable call to be sure -- Dudley was firmly planted underneath the basket and took probably should've been a charge. We'll see how Skinner plays this one, as Dudley is the game's leading scorer (6 pts on 3-4 shooting) and was more or less having his way near the basket.

11:17, first half. Boston College 16, Texas Tech 14.

Al Skinner left Jared Dudley in the game. Decensae White is named after a former Baltimore Oriole. Boston College has a giant white guy named John Oates. Clearly a maneater, Oates hits consecutive three's, while White adds a layup for Tech. It's 24-18, BC. This is the first of about 73 Hall and Oates jokes this afternoon. Dudley taking a breather now.

BC's Tyrese Rice just launched an airball from about 27 feet away, prompting Jay Bilas to say "there's no shot too deep for Tyrese Rice." Al Skinner might disagree.

7:40, first half. Boston College 24, Texas Tech 18.

Updates from other games, Davidson leads Maryland 32-27 and Louisville leads Stanford 21-10. I had a feeling about that Davidson game. Boston College is maintaining its lead and Texas Tech still doesn't look like they've settled down yet. Just like that, two buckets for the Red Raiders, and it's only a one point lead for BC. Tyrese Rice adds a floater from the middle of the paint (there's no shot too close for Tyrese Rice, after all) and Boston College takes a three point lead into the under-4 timeout.

3:05, first half. Boston College 34, Texas Tech 31.

You know, I was just about to predict that Dudley would pick up a third foul. He did exactly that, reacting slow on defense and trying to take another charge. That was clearly on Dudley, and he's back to the bench. Don't worry, John Oates adds another three for BC, but that's quickly answered with a Texas Tech layup on the other end. It's become quite a compelling game, and we're tied at 39 as we head into the first half endgame. John Oates follows a Tyrese Rice circus shot attempt with a simple putback -- he has 11 points, and that gives Boston College a slight lead at halftime.

Halftime. Boston College 41, Texas Tech 39.

After a complete shitshow for the first five or six minutes (Tech started 1-10 from the floor, after all), both teams are at least 50% from the field. John Oates' 11 points are the surprise for the Eagles, as he only averages 4.7 ppg. Jarrius Jackson started slow for the Red Raiders, but picked it up as the half wore on. Texas Tech didn't play a great half by any means, but they're only down two. Tech has two players with two fouls, but neither player will make Tech fans too scared. Meanwhile, BC has only four team fouls, but Dudley has three of them.

Here's the running box score, courtesy of Yahoo.

Enberg and Bilas start the second half with two awful "Oates" puns. They had twenty minutes, and that's what they came up with?

Texas Tech comes out with two of its best offensive sets of the game, resulting in two layups. Boston College is matching each basket, as Dudley dangerously goes over the back of a Tech rebounder for a tip-in. Tech has a breakaway chance for the lead but punt it away, which leads to fast break points for BC. Four point swing, which accounts for the current BC lead. There is absolutely NO DEFENSE BEING PLAYED right now.

If you can believe this, the defense actually got worse since that last paragraph. Texas Tech can get a layup anytime they want, but don't take my word for it:

14:49 Texas Tech - Charlie Burgess misses a layup
15:30 Texas Tech - Layup by Martin Zeno
16:30 Texas Tech - Alan Voskuil makes a three-pointer
16:42 Texas Tech - Layup by Alan Voskuil

Adding, that Voskuil three-pointer came after he had a semi-breakaway, dribbled about four times at the arc waiting for anyone to come guard him, then launched the shot with no defenders within fifteen feet of him. It's embarassing. Whoever wins this game deserves to lose by eight points on Saturday. And by "eight", I mean "eighty-eight".

14:36 remaining. Texas Tech 52, Boston College 51.

We're way past labeling the defense as "comical" at this point, as both teams are above 53% from the field. Jared Dudley is staying under control, scoring at will while also avoiding his fourth foul. The teams are trading offensive runs, with Boston College getting the best of the last few minutes. Texas Tech has thrown away at least 6-8 points by crapping the bed on fast breaks. Might want to fix that, Knight.

10:20 remaining. Boston College 61, Texas Tech 58. Very fun game to watch, but it must be hell to coach.

Sean Marshall is absolutely owning the second half for Boston College. He's picked up a few baskets in the lane and just hit a surprisingly contested three pointer. He adds another three when Texas Tech falls asleep on defense, and is now your leading scorer with 19. He blocks a layup attempt on a fast break, but falls out of bounds. Tech ball when we return from commercial, and they better kick it into gear if they're planning to stay with Boston College, which is picking up easy points and increased confidence with every trip down the floor.

There's a weird feeling to this game. It seems that Boston College should be up by 15, but Texas Tech is still hangin' and bangin'.

7:59 remaining. Boston College 68, Texas Tech 62.

More of the same. Texas Tech's Martin Zeno is definitely fun to watch, since he absolutely must lead the nation in double-pump, scoop layups. He has 21 points. On the other end, Sean Marshall is still unguardable near the hoop. He has 21 points. Still, it's only a four point lead for Boston College after Tyrese Rice blows (guess what?) a layup. Three Tech players stand around to admire, or discuss the sub-prime mortgage market, or something, because Rice picks up his own rebound without jumping for it and lays it in for a four point lead.

Timeout, Texas Tech. Bobby Knight is slightly displeased.

5:13 remaining. Boston College 74, Texas Tech 70.

Weird play after the break, as Tech recovers an offensive rebound that was benignly bouncing along the baseline as BC looked on. They kick it out to Jerrius Jackson, who fumbles it away. Jared Dudley dives on it and calls timeout. Jackson is not playing well in the second half, at all. Easy baby hook in the lane for BC after the break, and BC's Rice rejects Voskuil on the other end. Rice misses an open three, which could've given them a nine point lead. Two foul shots for Tech coming up after the under-4 timeout.

3:43 remaining. Boston College 76, Texas Tech 70. For whatever reason, Boston College just can't shake the Red Raiders.

It's looking dark for Texas Tech now, as BC seems able to get whatever they want in the lane. They're controlling the area on defense, and have blocked at least seven or eight shots. On offense, Dudley and Marshall are picking up easy points with their post moves. Timeout for Tech after they score on a layup. It's not a free throw shooting contest yet, but it's close.

Jay Bilas notes that Tech only has four team fouls, so they should probably think about using those before too much time evaporates. BC leads with 46.8 seconds left, 78-73. Tech is using up their fouls now -- that's three fouls in 4.8 seconds.

Tyrese Rice makes a pair, seven point lead for BC with 30 seconds left. TT's Voskuil is fouled on the other end, he makes both shots and cuts the lead to five. Timeout for Texas Tech to set up the press.

Rice is fouled again, and he makes both shots. He then steals the inbound pass and dribbles around the frontcourt for 10-15 seconds, making the Red Raiders look lke the Washington Generals. He's fouled and makes both free throws again, and it's a nine point victory for Boston College.

Full Time. Boston College 84, Texas Tech 75.

A decent enough effort by both teams. In the end, Boston College realized they needed to play defense somewhere around the 10:00 mark in the second half. Texas Tech's field goal percentage fell to around 45% by the end of the game. Tyrese Rice controlled the endgame like a true pro, going 6-6 on free throws. He finished with 26 points, followed closely by Marshall's 21 and Dudley's 19. Nice job by Dudley to play under control in the second half.

Boston College will face the winner of the Georgetown / Belmont game on Saturday, and they may actually have a chance if they can focus a bit on the defensive end. I'll be back for the Pennsylvania vs. Texas A&M game in a few minutes -- see you then!

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No defense means an interesting game, always. I shouldn't have labeled this one boring on JCMJ. I got that totally wrong.

Signal to Noise said...
Mar 15, 2007, 1:31:00 PM  

It's absolutely ridiculous. All layups and open three's.

And there's another layup for BC.

Mar 15, 2007, 1:38:00 PM  

Watching this game on the MMOD (since Davidson/Maryland is blacked out). At least the commercials don't have to buffer!

Grimey said...
Mar 15, 2007, 2:05:00 PM  

What, no live-blog of Oral Roberts-Washington st.? its JB's debut!

Mar 15, 2007, 2:34:00 PM  

WCT - I get the game, but I've got work in the afternoon and this game may stretch over. It's just that no one's able to handle it, I guess.

Signal to Noise said...
Mar 15, 2007, 2:51:00 PM  

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