East Region Preview (JCMJ)

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Up first in the previews is Marco from Just Call Me Juice. Marco not only has live blogged some awesome games blowouts at AA, but he's doing the Play-in game tonight!

Marco is known for calling Morgan State a Jewish School, having a run-in with OJ, and stealing Gilbert Arenas' shoe from an Asian kid.

His thoughts on the East Region are after the jump.

(FYI- AA is picking UNC/Texas/GW/GTown, UNC/GTown, UNC)

JCMJ's East Region Preview

Welcome to the East Region, the toughest in this year's bracket. Here is the breakdown

Best Game: Marquette vs Michigan State - Two well coached teams with great point guards play in a game that seems like it should be taking place in the second round. Winner will give North Carolina fits in the second round.

Upset Game: #14 Oral Roberts over #3 Washington State - Everyone is all over this game as a possible upset for good reasons. ORU has already won at Kansas and gave Memphis a run for their money last March. Washington State is in their first Tournament since 1994 and has no March experience.

Bandwagon Team: George Washington - Simply because NO ONE is talking about them. Carl Elliot and Maurice Rice are quick guards with March experience . The Colonials also have some pretty favorable match-ups with Vandy and Washington State/ORU. Don't be shocked if GW is in the Sweet 16. Seriously.

Easiest Ride to the Elite 8: Georgetown - Belmont, BC, Washington State.......did they strike a deal with the Selections Committee or something?

Toughest Ride to the Elite 8: North Carolina - Marquette/Michigan State, Texas,USC.......the Heels are going to earn it if they go the Final Four this year.

Most Interesting Team: Washington State - This is the Cougars first trip to the tournament since 1994 and outside of the West Coast, this team is quite anonymous to the rest of the nation for a #3 seed. I know that Derrick Lowe and Robbie Cowgill can pay, but I've honestly only seen the Cougars play once this season. It will be interesting to see how the Cougars handle the role of favorites after sneaking up on everyone all year

Most Interesting Possible Match-up: North Carolina-Texas - I'm going to at the Regional Finals in Jersey and I'm willing to pay double to see this game. I'm willing to do that to see Kevin Durant take on the deepest and most talented team in college basketball.This game has potential to be the best college basketball game of the season. I'm already excited.

Most Boring Team: Boston College - Maybe I'm still bitter about them knocking off my upstart Canes, but nothing interests me about this team at all. I think they are going down against Texas Tech

Best Coach Formally on a Saturday Morning TV Show : Reggie Theus - The Hang Time coaching tree continues to grow....

Teams You Will Forget They Were Even in the Tournament: Eastern Kentucky, Belmont, New Mexico State, Arkansas,

Sweet 16: North Carolina, Texas, Georgetown, George Washington

Regional Final: Texas vs Georgetown

Regional Champ: Georgetown - Best team in college basketball since February 1st

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the best team in college basketball since February 1st isn't G-town its THE Ohio State Buckeyes

Mar 13, 2007, 2:20:00 PM  

UNC/Texas GT/Vandy

thank god i got tickets to this regional, it should be fun

Sam said...
Mar 13, 2007, 4:10:00 PM  

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