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Sunday, August 26, 2007

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Saturday was apparently a big evening for baseball ceremonies. In addition to B.J. Surhoff's induction into the Baltimore Orioles Hall of Fame, the Cincinnati Reds honored former shortstop Dave Concepcion for his years of service by retiring his number 13. He became the eighth player or manager so honored by the team, including five Hall of Famers.

"The crowd chanted, "Davey! Davey!" as the 59-year-old Concepcion walked to a microphone on the field, prompting him to turn away and dab his eyes with a towel. He sniffled and repeatedly stopped in mid-sentenced -- choked with emotion -- as he thanked his family and former teammates."
Very cool. That's almost the pinnacle of individual honors that can be awarded to a player. What's less cool? Joe Morgan injecting himself into the story, as he is wont to do.

"Unfortunately, I think we've overshadowed his accomplishments," Morgan said. "Sparky and Johnny and myself, we're in the Hall of Fame, and I think we tend to overlook what he did on a daily basis. Guys like Davey and Foster and (Lee) May and Griffey don't get their just due."
Translation: "It's too bad Johnny and I were so awesome that nobody remembers the other guys who played for the Big Red Machine in the 1970s. Some of them were actually okay - not as great as me, but who is?"

Get over yourself, man. You're in the Hall of Fame, Dave Concepcion is not, which is pretty much the way it should be. He had a nice career and all, and it's cool that the Reds retired his number, but Cooperstown? No.

Also, I'm going to nitpick and point out that he forgot to mention Tony Perez, who was in attendance at the ceremony and is also in the Hall of Fame (although not until he spent several years on the ballot, so he's probably not considered a "true" Hall of Famer by Sir Joseph). And if he had any balls, he would've dropped Pete Rose's name in there as one of the "attention-getters" on the team.

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I'm thinking Joe has had several operations on his shoulders from patting himself on the back for so long. Either that, or he's double-jointed. He is such a dick...

Bruce said...
Aug 26, 2007, 2:04:00 PM  

Joe Morgan is an ass. He was at the forefront when Ron Santo(again) was not elected by the Veteran's Committee. His quote:

"I take offense to anyone saying the players aren't qualified to vote," Morgan said. "I don't think the writers over the years made mistake after mistake, but a lot of the players on this list went through 15 years of writers' voting without getting elected, so why get on the Hall of Famers for not electing someone?"

Joe, players should be qualified to vote, as they were on the field with the candidates. But get rid of the elitist attitude and get the players in that belong!

Anonymous said...
Aug 26, 2007, 2:27:00 PM  


If I have to get out of my whirlpool, leave my home on the moon, and fight through all of my paparazzi in order to see a lesser person such as Dave Concepcion, then I think that I have the right to say what I want.

I am, after all, Joe F-ing Morgan."

- Joe Morgan

Anonymous said...
Aug 26, 2007, 7:07:00 PM  

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