Forget Crazy College Football Programming, The WNBA Playoffs Start Tomorrow!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Let's all stop bickering about the 25-hour college football thingy, and go back to agreeing with each other. Are you like me in that you had no idea that the WNBA Playoffs started tomorrow? You were?!?!?! Awesome! We're all friends again.

Here's the First Round Announcing Schedule for you if you're planning on watching. Heck there's nothing else going mind as well right (Pam Ward is an added bonus!)?

Thu., Aug. 23

Indiana at Connecticut - Game 1
7 p.m.
Pam Ward, Doris Burke and Rebecca Lobo

Sat., Aug. 25

Sacramento at San Antonio - Game 2
1 p.m.
Ward, Carolyn Peck and Holly Rowe

Sun., Aug. 26

New York at Detroit - Game 2
1 p.m.
Ward, Burke and Lobo

Seattle at Phoenix - Game 2
7 p.m.
Dave Pasch, Peck and Rowe

Tue., Aug. 28

New York at Detroit - Game 3 *
7 p.m.
Ward, Burke and Lobo

Seattle at Phoenix - Game 3 *
9 p.m.
Pasch, Peck and Rowe

I can't believe the Mystics missed the playoffs, but hey they did set the attendance record a bunch of year by giving away thousands, er selling....a lot of tickets.

Six Degrees of Bird, Taurasi, Jackson ... (

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"We'll be there!"

- Rosie, Jodie Foster, Ellen, Scott Van Pelt

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