SNF Live-Blog: NO-SEA, 4th Quarter

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Hasselbeck starts by throwing it to Ingram again for another first down, as I consider where this disturbing photo originated from. Alexander gets mauled behind the line of scrimmage yet again. Nate Burleson gets the next pass in. Hasselbeck gets sacked on 3rd down, and another punt. Qwest Field is not happy at all. NO gets pinned at their own 2. Ah, "Sweet Child of Mine."

Baseball note: Rockies catcher Yorvit Torrealva just went three-run jackin' it on Livan Hernandez. Rox up 4-1.

Brees tosses for 17 out of his own end zone to the tight end. Bush gets bashed behind the line of scrimmage on his next rush. Stecker gets a screen pass to get some of those back, and I think it's 6 to go on third down here. No luck, and the Saints punt to Burleson, who tries to scramble away from a couple of tackles and winds up losing a yard or so on the return.

We've got 3rd and 3 after a drop off to the fullback for 7 and an incompletion. Weaver drops the 3rd down pass, and the Walrus sends in the punt team -- more boo-birds from Qwest Field, and Holmgren gives in -- but they have to blow a time out to do it.

That was kind of weird, seeing Pike Place markets hack at fish wearing Brees jerseys. 4th and 3, and they run Weaver, and it's short -- the Walrus' play-calling, suspect again. Hmmm....Hole's cover of Fleetwood Mac's "Gold Dust Woman" -- interesting choice for the bump, and despite my general dislike of Courtney Love, a great cover.

I'm pretty sure Coors got that commercial jingle from the "Our Country Clone Song Factory." Just as annoying, but much more anonymous.

Bush gets nothing on the next rush, and Andrea Kremer repeats the wire information we knew earlier about the allegations surrounding Reggie Bush and his NCAA days. The Saints' rushing game has gone kind of dead here, and they can't rush to run out the clock. Punt is a touchback, and we go out to the Police -- "De Do Do Do, De Da Da Da."

Music video break: here's that "Gold Dust Woman" cover we heard earlier:

"It's more like the fish ate the chef! That's the metaphor."

Uh, thanks Al. - Oops Pow Surprise

I missed that; I saw an image of it coming back from baseball. Seattle goes no-huddle and starts hurling down field; they've really got no other measure of offense right now. The Saints will challenge that last completion ruling.

I'm just so used to seeing Peyton hawking something that I don't even bat an eye at how many commercials he's in any more. The call is reversed, so it's an incomplete pass as we return to coverage. Another incompletion, and we've got third down. Hasselbeck converts to in Saint territory to Ingram, and throws the next one to him again at the Saint 21. Flag on the play; illegal contact on the Saints -- first down.

Hasselbeck scrambles, hits Burleson, and the receiver runs and gets smacked up by Mike McKenzie -- but the ball crosses the plane. Brown's extra point is good. 28-17, Saints -- onside kick now, or still too early? Saints recover that onside kick, and Brees will get good field position to work with.

No rushing room for anyone on the first two plays, and Brees gets flagged for intentional grounding on 3rd down. Weatherford punts to Burleson, who fair catches at the 9.

"Winning always smells a lot better than losing." - JM
"It's a great deodorant." - AM.

Wow. Don't know quite what to say to that. Two consecutive passes for first downs by Seattle, then Roman Harper (I think I called him Fletcher earlier) gets his second sack of the game, forcing Seattle to take another time out. Weaver gets 20+ on a rush, but then Hasselbeck just goes all Sex Cannon on us, didn't even throw it near anyone on his own team -- and the Saints pick it off.

A couple of rushes, and the Saints can't pick up the 1st down -- now it's whether Holmgren can use his time well enough to get even close. Burleson takes the punt back to the Seattle 47.

WTF!!!!!!!!!!!! Possibly the worst pass EVER!!!!!! What was Hasselbeck doing????????????? Let me just close my eyes and launch this rainbow 80 yards in the air and hope it comes down near one of my guys. - Joe D

Hasselbeck got tired of the old in-out-in-out rhythm quarterbacking method, he just wanted to go long, hard, and deep.

Wow -- Seneca Wallace just reeled in a very nice catch at the 2 minute warning.

Is it just wrong that I'm dreading having the Broncos hosting the Steelers next week. I'm going to be a drunken mess for that game. Hasselbeck throws for the end zone and is incomplete; they're going to be aiming for it on pass plays from here on out. Wait, wait, wait -- they just ran a draw on 3rd down??? How dumb is that? Why not air it out for the back of the end zone -- and they throw it on 4th down for an incomplete and turn it over on downs????

This last series of play-calling has made no sense, and Al and John are perfectly right to beat this dead horse. That's your NFC West, people -- still the worst division in football. Guh...thank the football gods this game is over. All we're waiting for is the kneeling.

28-17, Saints will be your final score. Thanks to those of you who stuck it out with me. Join me next week as I brave live-blogging the team I pull for as the Broncos host the Steelers, and come on by Signal to Noise, if you're so inclined. Make sure to check in tomorrow for the Monday Night Football live-blog with AA, and have a good night!


"It's more like the fish ate the chef! That's the metaphor."

Uh, thanks Al.

Oct 14, 2007, 10:54:00 PM  

WTF!!!!!!!!!!!! Possibly the worst pass EVER!!!!!! What was Hasselbeck doing????????????? Let me just close my eyes and launch this rainbow 80 yards in the air and hope it comes down near one of my guys.

joe d said...
Oct 14, 2007, 11:17:00 PM  

Hasselbeck was playing Tecmo Bowl before the game and was able to throw the game winning TD to Steve Largent with an 80 yard rainbow from Dave Krieg. Sadly he thought such a play would work in real life.

Chip Wesley said...
Oct 15, 2007, 9:49:00 AM  

4 Quarters and you still can't get the players right? It's not Ingram it's ENGRAM. Christ.

Anonymous said...
Oct 15, 2007, 11:20:00 AM  

AA -- guess that pre-game prediction didn't work out too well. Ouch! Sorta like that first punt snap for Seattle.

Anonymous said...
Oct 15, 2007, 11:27:00 AM  

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