SNF Live-Blog: CIN-PIT, 2nd Half

Sunday, December 02, 2007

This wasn't a picture I'd seen before, I imagine it came post Super Bowl XL in Detroit for obvious reasons. It still amuses me greatly.

I feel bad for poor Cris Collinsworth in the halftime show, but I don't think "Bengals bars" exist in New York City. You can find Steelers fans anywhere. The Steelers start at the 22 after Rossum returns the kickoff. Willie Parker fumbles on 2nd and 10, and Johnathan Joseph returns it to the house for the score! Pittsburgh is reviewing it, to see if Parker was down.

The ref says it's no score, Parker was down before the ball came loose. This after Madden went on an extended rant on the fact that coaches are finding every way to get fumbles not called fumbles, or something along those lines. 3rd and 8 is caught short of the first down, and the Steelers will be punting.

I fear that NBC will wreck American Gladiators by robbing it of the cheesiness and the kitsch. It's not going to be nearly as enjoyable, if that ad is any indication. Palmer converts 3rd down with a pass to Antonio Chatman (whom I'm amazed is still in the league) and Kenny Watson gets the next two rushes. Ball's at the Pitt 40. Odd play as Palmer takes a knee, thinking Pitt had come across the line early -- Madden explains it as a casualty of the no-huddle, he hasn't called a play yet. 3rd and 14 is incomplete, and Allen Rossum takes the punt back to the Steeler 11.

This time, Willie Parker actually fumbles it and Cincy recovers to get the ball back. Two errant passes for Palmer, but he hits Henry on 3rd down at the 11 for a first down. Palmer rolls out on 1st and throws it away. 3rd and 4 is an incomplete pass, as Palmer has no one open and barely gets it away before he's hit. Shayne Graham will be coming on. His kick is up and good; 17-10, Steelers.

Regarding the commercials for Jared jewelers: you really want people knowing you bought your girlfriend or wife diamonds at a place called "the galleria of jewelry"? I'm thinking no. John is talking about "nasty" defensive and offensive linemen. I now have Janet Jackson's song on a loop in my head. Ben completes it for a first down to the tight end; Willie Parker then promptly rushes foor about four more on first down.

Hines Ward catches the latest third down pass and promptly shows us that he has obtained two tickets to the gun show.

That sandwich looked pretty good, now I'm all hungry. Anyone know what that's called and if it's a Pittsburgh delicacy or something? Ward ropes in another first down pass while falling down, and then pulls in the next pass for a touchdown. Kick is up and good, 24-10, Steelers. Ward now owns the Steelers' team receiving touchdowns record.

So, that's a Primanti Bros. sandwich (thanks, hammer1), which apparently consists of meat, cole slaw, vinegar, tomatoes, and french fries on huge hunks of bread (I would link to the restaurant site, but I think NBC mentioned the name and the site isn't loading well). Again, looks delicious. Palmer throws and hits Chad Johnson at their own 47 -- first time we've heard Ocho Cinco's name in a while.

"Have you seen anyone smile more than Hines Ward?" - JM. What, Tony Romo doesn't flash the pearly whites enough now?

Cincy is now at the Steeler 38 and making a run for it. Rudi Johnson to the 34. 3rd and 6 after Chad Johnson has a pass go over his head. Palmer sails the next pass over Chris Henry while getting rushed. 4th down, and they're going for it -- pass is incomplete and the Steelers get it back.

Willie Parker fumbles it again....oh wait, no, he's down again, and Marvin Lewis is gonna challenge it.

Speaking as a female (in regards to those stupid Jared commercials... and all jewelry commercials in general...) I'd much rather spend a couple grand on a plasma screen tv, xbox 360, a direcTV subscription... with NFL Sunday Ticket. - tiny350z

Swoon. No fumble, and Cincy can't catch a break on some of these calls. Not that they were wrong, but still...bad breaks.

"I think they've got too much stuff on, between the sleeves, the jerseys are wet..." - JM. Oh, come on, John, you know you want to see more AK-47s on the players. And Parker fumbles again this time for realz and loses the ball. Now, Omar Epps is going to challenge the call and try to bail Parker out again. Call's upheld, and Cincy takes over.

Palmer went for it on 1st down, tried to hit Ocho Cinco deep. Rudi rushes for 2, 3rd and 8 is incomplete as Palmer is hit while he throws. Larsen punts to Rossum, who goes out at his own 16. After a penalty puts the Steelers at the 5, two straight rushes get no yardage, and then Big Ben is sacked in the end zone for a safety -- except for a defensive holding call, which bails the Steelers out. Nice going, Leon Hall, but it looks like a BS call right now.

"A little ticky-tacky, huh?" - JM
"With a capital 'T.'" - AM

Johnathan Joseph picks off Roethlisberger on the next play, getting in front of Cedric Wilson. Cincy comes back on. Housh makes a nice catch and leans forward for a first and goal. Next pass is off the tips of Chad Johnson's fingers. Rudi Johnson gets stopped up big time on 2nd down. 3rd down pass is to Chris Henry, who brings it in, but his feet are out of bounds. The Bengals go for it on 4th, and it's batted down by Larry Foote. The Steelers get the ball back.

Pittsburgh goes three and out, and Sepulveda will be punting from the back of his end zone. Punt is up, fair caught -- and the flag is offsides on the Bengals, and it's a Steeler first down due to 4th and 3. Whoops. Willie Parker continues to be used as a time-chewer here. and now Gary Russell comes in for the same purpose.

NBC, seriously. You're pimping repeats of the Tonight Show that you've repcakaged as "best-ofs" during the writers' strike. Damn, that's desperation.

Wow, I'm surprised it took Al this long to get to Chris Henry's rap sheet. Palmer misses again downfield to him. I'm just trying to kill time here right now.

"You ever play in a game like this, John? Everyone's helmet looks like they're wearing Manny Ramirez's helmet." - AM
"I love it. I mean, this isn't a game where you stay clean. This game isn't pristine. THIS IS FOOTBALL!" - JM

John Madden would like to join Dan Hawkins of the University of Colorado and tell you that if you don't like dirty, messy football, go play intramurals, brother. Another incomplete pass by Palmer as we hit the two minute warning.

I love how NBC is promoting Colts-Ravens like it means something or will be competitive. The 4th down pass by the Bengals is complete to Chad Johnson, but short of the marker by three yards, and Al and John slag Johnson for going out of bounds even though there was no way he could catch the ball without doing so, it looks like.

This one's done, folks. Final score is 24-10, Steelers. Thanks for joining me, and see you next week for Colts-Ravens.


I think it's called a Primanti Sandwich. French fries and cole slaw on it. Al Michaels the man of the people, said he would never eat one. :)

hammer1 said...
Dec 2, 2007, 10:46:00 PM  

Primanti's is a local joint; there's one in the Strip, one in Oakland, a couple Dahntahn. I don't recommend their cheesesteak, but it is certainly a local delicacy. And when you're drunk, it's like Disneyland. "Yeah, I'll have a cheesesteak, with fries and coleslaw on it . . . and can you put some chili and cheese on it? Ooo, oo, and a FRIED EGG, yeah!"

Anonymous said...
Dec 2, 2007, 10:51:00 PM  

Speaking as a female (in regards to those stupid Jared commercials... and all jewelry commercials in general...) I'd much rather spend a couple grand on a plasma screen tv, xbox 360, a direcTV subscription... with NFL Sunday Ticket.

It's pretty funny hearing Al Michaels say "pussy".

tiny350Z said...
Dec 2, 2007, 10:53:00 PM  

anon, it sounds like I'd die happy after eating one. And I do mean die in the artery-clogging sense.

Signal to Noise said...
Dec 2, 2007, 11:00:00 PM  

"I don't think they would have seen enough to overturn this John" AM
"I know but you still need to challenge it" JM

Konck said...
Dec 2, 2007, 11:25:00 PM  

Chad Johnson just had no idea that it was 4th down.

twoeightnine said...
Dec 2, 2007, 11:40:00 PM  

John Madden's announcing level has increased by 5 points for his imitation of Dennis Green "THEY WERE WHO WE THOUGHT THEY WERE"

Konck said...
Dec 2, 2007, 11:41:00 PM  

guards are not more important to a passing game than tackles. the blindside tackle is the most important and thats not even debatable, madden is insufferable

Mike Georger said...
Dec 2, 2007, 11:54:00 PM  

Tiny 350z will you run away with me????

Steve said...
Dec 3, 2007, 11:10:00 AM  

how did Theismann get passed over for a return to the AG booth also

Hawkins said...
Dec 3, 2007, 4:58:00 PM  

Crazy game, rained all the way through the 1st, no rain the second.

Field looked good from where I was at...which was under cover and watching people go down the wrong way on an escalator and end up with a face full of nachos.

Yeah, Primantis, the best cure for a hangover...pastrami, gabbagool or salami w/ cheese.

AWESOME. And it's not really slaw, it's more like vinegar, black pepper and cabbage. No creamy stuff.

Had a fish sandwich and bowl of chowder at wholey's this morning before heading back. GREAT food. As good as any I've had over on the coast.
Love that town.

hollywood wags said...
Dec 3, 2007, 6:39:00 PM  

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