AA Assignment #487- NFL Network

Monday, January 08, 2007

So you think football is over? That you have the playoffs on the weekend and that's it??? Well AA is changing all of that for you. My next assignment (along with the Top 50 Awful Announcing quotes of 2006) is this........(drum roll).....

NFL Network today unveiled ten Super Bowls that it will rebroadcast all this month.

January 11th at 8pm SuperBowl XL Steelers-Seahawks
January 15th at 4pm SuperBowl XXXII Broncos-Packers
January 15th at 8pm SuperBowl XXII Redskins-Broncos
January 18th at 8pm SuperBowl XXXVI Patriots-Rams
January 22th at 8:30pm SuperBowl XII Steelers-Cowboys
January 25th at 8pm SuperBowl XXXIV Rams-Titans
February 1st at 8:30pm SuperBowl XXV Giants-Bills
February 3rd at 11am SuperBowl XXXVIII Patriots-Panthers
February 3rd at 4pm SuperBowl XXIII 49ers-Bengals
February 3rd at 8pm SuperBowl III Jets-Colts

What's the best part???? The re-airs, listed above, feature the original announcers and graphics and select halftime shows and postgame celebrations.

So what the heck am I going to do? Well I'm going to watch as many of these as I can, and report to you who which Announcing Team(s) did the best and worst job(s). Why you ask? Because I'm sick in the head......no really, these things fascinate me for some reason. Plus it will give me a chance to re-live the Greatest Quarter Ever! So watch along with me and send me your thoughts.

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