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Friday, January 19, 2007

Well there aren't a lot of people around today (sitemeter tells me so....I hit refresh every 5 seconds), but those not here will miss out on this sweet announcer news. FOX Baseball might have a new team, TBS may get a HOFer, and ESPN has a new anchor.

FOX is in discussion with Eric Karros, Mark Grace, and Joe Girardi to place them as the #2 team behind Buck and McCarver.

Fox Sports has targeted Mark Grace and Eric Karros, along with the previously reported Joe Girardi, as potential analysts for its MLB coverage, sources have told NYP TV Sports.
This has to be the biggest collection of slightly above average MLB players in one place. Grace and Girardi could be okay, but I can't stand Karros. Luckily I'm on the East Coast and the only games FOX shows here are Yankees-RedSox ones. And we all know that Buck wouldn't pass up and opportunity to perpetuate that craptastic rivalry.

The HOFer in question is Cal Ripken. TBS is going after him hard, and with good reason. I've seen/heard Cal on local O's broadcasts and he's ten thousand times better than Jim Palmer.

Kenny Mayne recently got an extension and will be back on SportsCenter soon. The newest anchor though is Krystal Sage Steele from Mid-Atlantic Comcast. She's most famous for getting into an on-air "verbal fight" with Ravens' Coach Brian Billick, but she's also very good at what she does.

Not to get all racial on you, but ESPN has finally made themselves look good after months of bad press. Hiring a female is one thing, but a black female is an especially good move for them from a PR standpoint. This isn't to take anything away from Sage though.....I like her (and you don't hear that from me that often).

(P.S.- The picture is from Comcast, which might explain the useless dots and arrows next to it)

Fox Building Its Bench (NYPost Online)


I like Karros a lot. I think he would do a great job.

Mini Me said...
Jan 19, 2007, 2:41:00 PM  

I'm with mini me -- Karros ain't half bad when I've heard him, I admit it's been a while.

I hope Sage Steele is good. She's cute.

Signal to Noise said...
Jan 19, 2007, 2:56:00 PM  

Did you see the story in the Post about Kenny Mayne starting a sports version of the Daily Show on Comedy Central?

Marco said...
Jan 19, 2007, 3:22:00 PM  

That's it...you two are no longer my friends. Just kidding....Karros doesn't know how to form sentences.

Marco- Yeah that's odd. Deadspin on the tube.

Jan 19, 2007, 3:48:00 PM  

AA, I don't care if he forms complete thoughts; he's still better than McCarver and Buck (or Brenneman).

Signal to Noise said...
Jan 19, 2007, 4:19:00 PM  

Good job by ESPN getting Steele. Anybody who doesn't sit back and take Brain Billick's crap should be hired by ESPN immediately!

Jay said...
Jan 19, 2007, 5:40:00 PM  

Cal on TBS, yes, I'll watch...

*banging my head why any of the DC or MD stations have not asked him about anything*

Jan 19, 2007, 9:37:00 PM  

Maybe it's just me, but I can't stand Sage Steele as a sports reporter. I'm sure she is a very nice person.

I've seen her work with Comcast and also on the Raven's weekly magazine show. I was happy to see her depart from the latter this past season.

My viewing of ESPN will only decrease with her on the air.

Anonymous said...
Jan 20, 2007, 12:07:00 PM  

You like Sage Steele?!?! While I'll admit she didn't back down from Billick, I lost all respect from her during a report from Ravens training camp when she complained about, and then apologized for the humidity making her have a "bad hair day". I can't imagine Chris McKendry or Linda Cohn, or any male reporter (except maybe Berman) making a comment like that. Yeah she's cute, but so what?

Anonymous said...
Jan 20, 2007, 6:15:00 PM  

I sat down to watch Sportscenter tonight and BAM, there's Sage Steele, my former across the hall neighbor in Indianapolis about 10 years ago when she worked for a TV affiliate here. Seeing her again is further proof it's a small damn world.

10 years older and she's still looking pretty good.

Aaron H. said...
Mar 14, 2007, 6:12:00 PM  

Sage Steele is awful. She sounds like she is talking with a retainer in her mouth.

Anonymous said...
Apr 1, 2007, 2:07:00 AM  

She isn't very good...but how could you not tune in?

Anonymous said...
Apr 1, 2007, 6:24:00 PM  

any links to her confrontation with billick? i hate that insufferable smarmy-ass (billick, that is), and would enjoy seeing him get a beatdown from a broad.

Anonymous said...
Apr 3, 2007, 11:07:00 AM  

Um...Sage Steele is beyond clueless. I spent a few painful half-hours last weekend watching her doing ESPNews and a late afternoon SportsCenter, and she seems not to have any familiarity whatsoever with the subject of...uh, I dunno --let's call it "high-profile major American sports."

She completely destroyed a NASCAR race recap narrative that even I could've blabbed my way thru to a coherent completion, and she noted during a baseball update that the Devil Rays had taken a lead over the Twins "in the top of the 9th...[correct!]...down in St. Petersburg [whoops --wrong dome!]."

These are just the ones that I committed to memory, and any two minutes' worth of her act was absolutely cringeworthy. Honestly, she's as utterly clueless as I would be if plucked from my home by masked goons, whisked to a soundstage at BET headquarters and compelled to emcee a top-ten urban-contemporary hits countdown, replete with the lingo of the mean streets of America. I probably could fake it with a bit of enthusiasm and thanks to my acutely innate sense of the absurd --but you wouldn't want to see it more than once.

Seriously, this woman is an absolute trainwreck. I'm shocked to learn that she does in fact have a background in sports journalism --fooled the hell out of me-- much less that anyone has a kind word to say about her work (although good on the lass for giving it to Billick).

Anonymous said...
Apr 19, 2007, 6:41:00 PM  

Sage Steele is AWFUL. I enjoy watching Mike & Mike in the morning, but it is painful when she does the "SC Express" during the show. Just awful, today she said "the Cleveland team" and "the Detroit team" - seriously? You can't remember that it is the Cleveland Cavs and the Detroit Pistons? Sad. She should be banned to ESPN8 - the Ocho.

Anonymous said...
Jun 1, 2007, 8:14:00 AM  

I just watched her butcher a highlight of the Stanley Cup finals... terrible. She is describing the action three entire plays early. At the end of the segment, as the highlight catches up to her rambling, she just has to awkwardly wait as she realizes her error. Expressions such as "there's the penalty shot I was telling you about" (yeah, 30 seconds ago) should not be used on televison ever

Anonymous said...
Jun 7, 2007, 7:09:00 AM  

Sage is great! I am sure Robin Roberts and Linda Cohn even stumbled a bit early on. Neither of them are nearly as good looking either. ESPN has her doing things their way now since she is new. Soon she will have an on-air personality like the DP, Stuart, Berman, Mayne and so on. So cut her some slack because one day you will tune in to hear her like you do the other talking heads.

Anonymous said...
Jul 17, 2007, 5:40:00 PM  

Sage is good and she'll get better. Give her a real chance and get off of her s**t!!

Larry said...
Oct 23, 2007, 11:23:00 AM  

Sage is fantastic. It makes my morning when I see her on Mike & Mike. I really missed her Ravens commentary on Comcast. It just isn't as good with Bret covering them now on that channel.
I have been impressed with Sage since I first saw her on Sportsnite, then the way she handled covering the ravens was so much better than Kelly covering the 'Skins. Sage seems to have the whole package - looks, style, personality, and knowledge. I saw a few mistakes when she first started but she had new writers, new equipment, and new material to adjust to by moving up to ESPN. I commend her for her great work.
I just wish that we could have a female journalist in Baltimore that even comes close to her integrity and talent. Instead we have Anita that tries to use sex to appeal to her audience ( did you hear her interview last season with Boller - the girl was panting and talking like a 1-900 operator) and we also have Amber - who does a good job with Baseball, but now during football she has these airhead comments that ring shallow with the true female sports fans in Baltimore.
Rocket to the top Sage, we are still watching! But man I wish I could find a video of the Billick SAge interview where she called it like it was and confronted him on his play calling as well as called him out on making 6 million a year which he had never previously admitted. Watching that from time to time would make me smile!

Anonymous said...
Oct 24, 2007, 11:27:00 PM  

Sage Steele is without question the worst talking head on ESPN. Bar none, the absolute worst. There is no reason for her to have a job. None. I change the channel whenever she comes on and often forget about watching something in which I may have previously been interested. But it's worth it because I don't have to watch or listen to her god-awful crap.

Mitch said...
Mar 13, 2008, 6:06:00 AM  

Sage Steele is so bad it's funny. She has the commentary talent of a college journalism freshman. I keep expecting her to say 'Boom! goes the dynamite!'

Anonymous said...
Jun 17, 2008, 2:01:00 PM  

This is what I think: Kenny Mayne

Chus said...
Sep 28, 2008, 2:57:00 PM  

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