Bill Simmons to Announce Hoops

Monday, January 08, 2007

ESPN is expected to announce that the Sports Guy Bill Simmons will be a color analyst for two college hoops games on ESPN U, this January. From

USA Today.....

The popular "Sports Guy" columnist for and ESPN The Magazine, will appear as a guest commentator on two men's basketball games Jan. 15 and Jan. 22, ESPN spokesman Josh Krulewitz says.
The teams haven't been determined yet. But you can bet on two things.....1) They will be East Coast Teams, and 2) The Celtics will end up drafting at least two of the players he calls (hopefully it's Nick Fazekas....they SO need Scalabrine 2.0). It is also not yet confirmed if Bish and House will be attending the game.

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Nice, the guy knows nothing about college hoops (or college football) and doesn't hide it...perfect move ESPN.

TJ said...
Jan 8, 2007, 9:57:00 AM  

I've watched interviews with him on Colbert and other shows -- his voice is super annoying. It's a good thing I don't get ESPNU.

Signal to Noise said...
Jan 8, 2007, 10:26:00 AM  

Wait.... he openly hates college sports and anything involving women. This can't be correct.

Anonymous said...
Jan 8, 2007, 12:21:00 PM  

Put your tongue back in you mouth Bill, you look like an idiot as usual.

Daddy Rosee said...
Jan 8, 2007, 12:24:00 PM  

I agree with Signal, he's not too good on TV or radio.

Marco said...
Jan 8, 2007, 12:26:00 PM  

they will have to be east coast teams because the Pac 10 commissioner is a moron. your teams don't get much national notice if you insist on extending the fox sports package.

jason said...
Jan 8, 2007, 1:43:00 PM  

No mention of J-Bug? What about J-Bug?

Phil said...
Jan 8, 2007, 2:00:00 PM  

nba game is one thing, but college which he admits not caring much about? doesn't make a whole lot of sense. but about 6 people get ESPNU, so his voice won't exactly be heard.

Jan 8, 2007, 3:12:00 PM  

Simmons could care less about college sports, so this is nothing more than a tryout for future NBA coverage.

And yes, his voice isn't exactly cut out for broadcasting.

What about House? What does House think of this?

Jan 8, 2007, 3:59:00 PM  

They must be desperate to get some multimedia mileage out of Simmons if they're sending him to the minor leagues to get him some practice.

Not only is his voice terrible, but he rambles when he talks. Just like his writing, but no punch line.

Head Chick said...
Jan 8, 2007, 4:23:00 PM  

Horrible career move. He is brutal on television. Think of how bad Tony Kornheiser is and he actually has done good television. This is another case of some a-hole thinking that broadcasting is easy and trying to slip in.

He will make the Christian Slater on Monday Night Football thing seem good.

Jan 9, 2007, 12:42:00 PM  

This is just for a story. He knows he will be bad. How can you mention the Colbert show and not the I love the 90's performace. That was the best of the bunch.

Anonymous said...
Jan 10, 2007, 1:23:00 PM  

I'm sure his announcing style will sadly be much like his writing style, especially since he can't resist the urge to fellate himself, Basketball Jesus, Brady/Belichick, his fantasy sports leagues, Big Papi, the Rocky movies and about a million other things he overhypes endlessly.

Anonymous said...
Jan 10, 2007, 8:44:00 PM  

Aw c'mon guys, maybe he won't use the same tired jokes over and over and over and over and over again........

oh who am I kidding, of course he will.

And for the love of God, don't forget Hench.

Anonymous said...
Jan 12, 2007, 1:53:00 PM  

He's already admitted he isn't going to be good, he just wanted to try it out so he can write a column on it after slamming so many announcers. I don't know why everyone on this post is knocking him, his columns are by far the funniest in sportswriting today. Who cares if his voice is annoying, I'm sure he'll be able to hold his own as a color guy and throw in some funny remarks. There's not much more you can ask for during a mens college basketball game.

Anonymous said...
Jan 18, 2007, 10:31:00 PM  

He can't be any worse than any of the other of the basketball announcers out there. How can you guys act like you don't like his columns, they're funny, and you obviously read them over and over again if you know who house and J-bug are. Get over yourselves, and let's all start focusing our negative energy on someone who deserves to be criticized for being a jackass like Skip Bayless

Anonymous said...
Apr 15, 2007, 4:01:00 AM  

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