Oklahoma State at Kansas Liveblog - First Half

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

9:00 Fran Fraschilla is wearing a lavender shirt, reminiscent of Nathan Lane in "Birdcage".

9:05 An outside shot attempt by Boggan to start out - not a good choice. But then BranOn Rush comes back with some kind of odd looking shot/pass that Chaka Kaun drops out of bounds, so we're starting off kind of rough.

Sean Sutton commences squeaking and nibbling on a wheel of cheese.

9:08 Kansas starts hot - OSU turns it over three times, Kaun dunks on a pick-and-roll (this is not a fast man, somebody messed up), and Russell Robinson nails a three. Kansas is up 5-0.

9:10 OSU is playing some zone, but Rush remembers how to shoot the rock and nails a three.

Kaun breaks to the hoop again for another wide-open dunk. Chaka Kaun think I love you, you know Chaka Kaun. Looks like he's getting over the knee injury from earlier in the season.

9:12 Russel Robinson's face looks familiar.... oh yeah, he has one of those prosthetic foreheads from Buffy The Vampire Slayer:

Don't hate me for knowing that....

9:15 They're showing footage of Boggan at Florida when he weighed three bills. Now he's 230. I'm sure he'd happily gain the weight back for the chance to have one of those nice NCAA championship rings.

Kansas plaing nice D and Kaun once again breaks free. he's scored 6 of KU's 18 and made the block on the other end to start the play he scored on. You just never know who's going to step up...

9:18 FRESHMAN!!!! Darrel Arthur gets a breakaway dunk attempt and hits every part of the rim but the hole in the middle. Ouch.

Adarius Bowman is sitting on the bench for OSU - fresh off of the Cowboy f9:ootball team, he's bringing his WR skeelz to the basketball team.

9:20 Ooooh! Rush slashes and jams the hell out of it! I never thought KU would dominate like this.... They're frustrating the hell out of Sutton's boys on D, also - blocks, steals - they just forced a backcourt violation. Score 25-8 in favor of the home team.

9:21 SherrOn Collins is a thick brotha. And I don't mean he's dumb - he's a guard, but he's built like a brick shithouse. By contrast, PF Julian Wright looks like he's made out of pipe cleaners.

(Reading the crawl) Duke loses again! God help me, I do love it. GTech beats them 74-63.

9:25 Coming out of a TV timeout, we get a shot of the Allen Fieldhouse crowd. Wow, that's a lot of white people.

Harris from OSU has one of those scary plastic masks on. Gary Thorne lets us know it was a "non-basketball related injury" but says no details are available. I'm putting my vote in for "Please, coach, don't tell them my girlfriend beat me up".

9:32 The Cowboys haven't really even had the ball in the paint much tonight. Really surprising. I'll be interested to see if Rat Boy Sutton can make any useful adjustments at halftime.

Reading the crawl again, I see AA's Wizards have beat the Bulls - so I guess he'll drive home from the game shouting "Hibachi!" again tonight.

9:38 Curry takes a shot that misses the basket by, no kidding, 10 feet. I think the defensive pressure is really getting to them. The stats say they're shooting 27% vs KU's 65%

Kansas' transition offense is phenomenal, everyone looking to pass and making the right decisions.

35-15 Kansas.

Darnell Jackson gets a jam in traffic, and then Rush misses one, taking a very small amount of air out of the room.

9:40 According to Gary Thorne, free throws are made when the clock is stopped. Thanks for mailing that one in, Gary.

It's tough to argue the mystique factor with a team that plays on James Naismith court.

9:41 Kaun scores again. Of all of the candidates for player of the game, he is the most surprising. He barely played early in the season with a leg injury, and had spent most of the summer break in Siberia with his family, where the basketball competition is no doubt slightly inferior to that of the NCAA. He overcame rust and injury to put together a pretty good game tonight. He has 12 now.

Holy crap, a guy named Kleinman with flaming red hair just checked in for Kansas. He averages 6 minutes a game most nights. I wonder, is it insulting to put in your scrubs in the first half, or is it good sportsmanship?

9:42 I just read Bill Self's lips as the kids came over for a timeout - I am pretty sure he said something like "Good job, pimp slap the Aunt Jemima!" I can see why he's considered to be a master motivator.

OSU's Dove got hurt before the TO. The Cowboys are thin already - I'm starting the Adarius Bowman watch right now....

Kansas is getting sloppy - taking shots early in the possession and not working for the penetration. That can bite ya in the ass against a good team.

9:50 OSU has the defecit down to 17 - I'm hoping for a run - I really thought this would be a heavyweight slugfest, not a blowout. Sean Sutton is frantically signaling "Wax On, Wax Off!" on the sideline. At least, that's what it looks like.

We go into halftime with Sasha Kaun as leading scorer! 14 points for the Siberian. KU leads 47-30 after the first half.

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Hey Mario, you may have worked hard to drop 70 pounds, but that was one lazy ass 3rd foul...

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Jan 10, 2007, 10:22:00 PM  

Is Blogger having some issues tonight? This post just showed up (for me anyway) a few minutes ago.

It better not try that crap with me on Saturday, or I'll punch it in the face.

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Soooo, Okie State will be ranked 20th when this thing's over? 22nd?

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