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Thursday, January 25, 2007

So ESPN has hired yet another Baseball analyst. Frank Robinson (the one in the picture.....not this Frank Robinson) will join Baseball Tonight starting in Spring Training and work through 2 weeks of the regular season. So you're asking why would he not work the whole season?

Well it's just for the "Beginning of the Season Jackie Robinson 60th Anniversary Thingy" (I think that's the official name of it).

That just seems really odd to me. ESPN is basically telling people that they are only hiring a black man to do black things. Maybe I've got this wrong, but the Frank Robinson I know (I got his autograph at a car dealership in '92) wouldn't stand for this. Oh well, all I was hoping for was a team to hire Dusty Baker, so I don't have to listen to his stammering ass anymore.


Dusty Baker, who has signed a two-year deal with ESPN, will serve as a studio analyst both in Bristol and on the West Coast for the regular season and the playoffs. He will call ten regular-season MLB games as well as the Little League World Series. A clause in Baker’s deal allows teams to contact him about a managerial position.
That totally knocks my Little League watching schedule down to about 15 games.


In related (not really.....he's just a baseball player like the other two) story Jim Leyritz got a radio gig in NYC on ESPN 1050. Who cares right? Right.

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