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Saturday, January 13, 2007

4:42 - I just missed the first five minutes of the first quarter after displaying the clock management skills of Herman Edwards and scheduling my laundry to be finished at exactly 4:30. Not a good start for the day.

4:45 - The Colts take seven minutes off the clock with their opening drive and get three points out of the deal, an Adam Vinatieri field goal. As a Patriots fan, I never know how to feel when I see Vinatieri these days - on the one hand, he was responsible for the three biggest wins in team history (four, if you count the Philly Super Bowl as well); on the other, he left New England for its football archrival, leaving a rookie in his place. Just don't know what to think here.

4:48 - I have a sneaking suspicion we're going to be hearing from my wife a lot today. Her reaction to seeing Jim Sorgi on the sidelines: "Sorgi? Is that what you get after an orgy? You get 'Sorgi'?"

4:50 - The words "humid", "Baltimore" and "January" should never be allowed to exist together in the same sentence. Ever.

4:51 - I had one eye on the television just now, and I would have called that a fumble right away. The officials, however, had to call a meeting to think about it. Jesus, guys - just call it a fumble, and if Baltimore disagrees, they'll challenge. How hard can this possibly be?

4:54 - Imagine that - the call is overturned.

4:57 - Hall of Famer Adam Vinatieri with another field goal. I'm still torn.

4:57 - The Hitcher was a friggin' terrifying movie, mostly because Rutger Hauer scares the hell out of me. I get the feeling that this remake is gonna be a 7.2 on the Andre Ware Awfulness Scale.

5:00 - If I have to see one more Peyton Manning commercial, I might have to go on a three state crime spree.

5:02 - Not gonna lie - I'm having a helluva time getting into this game and live-blog. It's like I'm a pitcher who had good stuff in the bullpen before the game, then things got started and nothing was working. We'll see how this plays out over time.

5:04 - Why does Steve McNair have to get old? He was a great college player when I was in junior high - seeing him on his last legs in the league is a sobering fact.

5:05 - Am I the only one who loves the Geico caveman commercials?

5:07 - According to Dan Dierdorf, Tony Dungy likes defensive players who can tackle.

5:08 - "You convert third downs by being efficient on first and second downs." - Gumbel - I think this makes sense, but it's requiring a lot of thought.

5:09 - "There was illegal contact on the play, but not enough to warrant defensive pass interference." - Referee Bill Levy - I'm the last guy to defend the Colts, but WHAT in the hell does this mean?

5:12 - "TJ said...My favorite Rutger movie of all time has to be that one where he's a blind dude and has to help that kid...Blind Justice maybe?"

Might be - at the very least, it SOUNDS like a bad Rutger Hauer movie from the mid-1980s.

5:14 - And with a Matt Stover field goal attempt coming up, the first quarter comes to an end. If you haven't already been bored to death by the combined efforts of the Colts, Ravens, and my writing, meet me over in the second quarter thread.

Posted by One More Dying Quail at 4:41 PM


Awful play calling by the Colts in the red zone. If you get stuffed once, throw the damn ball.

Signal to Noise said...
Jan 13, 2007, 4:47:00 PM  

That's so a fumble.

Signal to Noise said...
Jan 13, 2007, 4:53:00 PM  

My favorite Rutger movie of all time has to be that one where he's a blind dude and has to help that kid...Blind Justice maybe?

TJ said...
Jan 13, 2007, 5:03:00 PM  

Good. We now know you can chuck a Colts receiver and not automatically get a flag for PI. Thank you, ref. (I'm serious; last week Collinsworth noted how players can't touch a Colts receiver without getting a flag.)

Signal to Noise said...
Jan 13, 2007, 5:10:00 PM  

All right, according to IMDB, it's Blind Fury..."He may be blind but he don't need no dog"...

TJ said...
Jan 13, 2007, 5:28:00 PM  

why does everyone call him "DomiNIQUE" Rhodes? Its "DOMINIC" for cryin out loud!

Jan 13, 2007, 5:34:00 PM  

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