Super Bowl Announcing Preview- The Pregame and Halftime Shows Part 3

Wednesday, January 31, 2007

So we're on to the grading today, and after that two-hour debacle of a quotes post I'm going to mail this one in a bit. I "blew my load" a tad so we're going to the.....Lighting Round!

James Brown:

The quintessential host. He does everything right, but he has the tendency to use the same words over and over again. Try this for one broadcast. Drink every time he says the word "indeed"....I counted them one time and I got to 26. I was hammered by that point, so it could have been more. Love JB though....he's the perfect ringleader. He takes the fat jokes in stride and just has he's got jesus on his side.

Grade: A-

Dan Marino:

He's apparently psychotic, but I would be too if I took the "he never won a Super Bowl" jokes for 6 hours a day for an entire season. He strikes me as a bit too serious though, which gets to be kind of annoying after awhile. At least Boomer can put on a Belichick costume and get a laugh.

Grade: C+

Boomer Esiason:

I like Boomer.....don't know what it is about him though. He gets a little too demonstrative at times, but I think that's only because a little Marino is rubbing off on him ( have a dirty mind).

Grade: B+

F'ing Shannon Sharpe:

I hate him so much. He's not funny and he overacts like a champ (that "I'm going to the Super Bowl" crap was just too much). He is one of the culprits perpetuating the stupid laugh fests that have plagued the pregame shows as of late. He laughs at his own jokes, and you can't understand what he says. When he does the highlights he is about four games behind.

Grade: "You fucking passed the test, but barely. You know what you got? F+. *click*"


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