Monday Night Football Live-Blog: Titans vs. Saints

Monday, September 24, 2007

Don't have much time for a fancy preview (not that any are ever fancy), but just like every Monday Night we're live-blogging Vince Young and the Titans versus Reggie Bush and the Saints. Hey did you know they played each other in college? I bet you didn't!

Well here's the required Spike Lee Intro that ESPN has put together for the night and to tell you's pretty damn good. I'm excited for tonight and I hope you are too. Again, sorry for the quality, but you get the idea.

See you around 8pm when AA does what we do (or whatever Spike Lee said)!

Posted by Awful Announcing- at 4:48 PM


It's funny how it's "Reggie Bush and the Saints." Thanks ESPN.

I can name 6 Saints better than him:

Drew Brees
Marques Colston
Jamaal Brown
Will Smith
Charles Grant
Deuce McAllister

Anonymous said...
Sep 24, 2007, 5:17:00 PM  

New Orleans is a mismanaged dump with good food. I used to live there and it should come as no shock to anyone that the city is incapable of recovering. With that said, I hope the Saints win.

Anonymous said...
Sep 24, 2007, 7:52:00 PM  

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