You Create The Caption #84

Thursday, September 20, 2007

(Usually) Everyday I'll throw out a photo from the AP or one of the bigger sites and you provide the caption. Hilarity ensues. I'm also adding a handful of links at the bottom of the page that you should check out each day.

Yesterday's Winners.....

"Don't taze me, bro!"- MDT

"Man, belicheck will go to no lengths to cheat. Hiring Mike O'malley(94) to do the filming"- Look What I Can Do

"Do you like apples? Cause we just recorded your defensive pre-snap signals, how you like them apples?!?"- doneycat

Are you funny enough to make a caption for this photo of the celebration Terrell Owens just recently got fined for?

Daily Links:

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Sawx Fans Are Not Happy With Glenn Geffner (Sox and Dawgs)
Sweet Seal Dribble....PWNED! (Rumors and Rants)
Morten Anderson Will Not Die (Right Down Peachtree)
Should Larussa Stay Or Should He Go Now (I'm Writing Sports)
Junior Has Options (The Money Shot)
Japan + Monkeys = Sport (Blog of Hilarity)


I shared a Pittsburgh story over at PSAMP for the half birthday of the site. Some of you may remember it, but it's an excellent read if I may say so myself. Enjoy!

PSaMP's Halfie Birthday Extravaganza: Awful Announcing (Pittsburgh Sports And Mini Ponies)

Posted by Awful Announcing- at 12:52 PM


I see OJ man and he looks scared.

And bababooey to you all.

hollywood wags said...
Sep 20, 2007, 1:16:00 PM  

"Whoa, man, don't shoot! I got 25 million reasons to be alive!"

Joel said...
Sep 20, 2007, 1:19:00 PM  

Already, "The Miami Offense" is a strong contender for Snuff Film Of The Year.

MDT said...
Sep 20, 2007, 1:32:00 PM  

Terrell Owens does his best Jeff Garcia impersonation, and he looks Fabulousss

Jeff said...
Sep 20, 2007, 2:28:00 PM  

I hope Goodell doesn't see me behind the goalpost. I don't want him taking any of my 25 million!

Michael said...
Sep 20, 2007, 2:44:00 PM  

Terrell Owens and MacCauley Cauklin star in Home Alone 4: Missing in Miami

Dr. C said...
Sep 20, 2007, 2:52:00 PM  

Please Massah, I be good. Don't bring back Coach Parcells

Look What I can Do said...
Sep 20, 2007, 3:06:00 PM  

Terrell Owens doing his impression of Randy Moss playing for the patriots.

Look what I can do said...
Sep 20, 2007, 3:08:00 PM  

I'd make a comment, but I would only be validating his infantile behavior and his child-like need for attention.

So I won't.

Anonymous said...
Sep 20, 2007, 3:17:00 PM  

TO's new "Coming Out of the Closet" TD celebration draws an eerie silence from the shocked crowd.

Anonymous said...
Sep 20, 2007, 3:22:00 PM  

Mommy....Mommy....the ferocious dolphin is trying to get me and it is scaring me!

Anonymous said...
Sep 20, 2007, 3:27:00 PM  

Wait, if I'm filming this, who's doing situps in their driveway?!?

doneycat said...
Sep 20, 2007, 3:44:00 PM  

"Haha, this is awesome, I'm gonna be on Sportcenter!



Why is Zach Thomas dancing like that? Why is he taking off his pants..

Oh, God! Oh, God! Fine me! Fine me!"

tinglin'jibblets said...
Sep 20, 2007, 3:47:00 PM  

Why do the goalposts read "DOLPH LUNDGREN?"

GMoney said...
Sep 20, 2007, 3:53:00 PM  

For my next impression: O.J. Simpson.

chiguy23 said...
Sep 20, 2007, 4:09:00 PM  

I always feel like...
Somebody's watching me!!!
And I have no privacy!!
Whoa, oh-oh

Anonymous said...
Sep 20, 2007, 4:11:00 PM  

Oh my God! Oh My God! That one in the pearls is lookin this way!!! Play it cool Terrel. Play it Cool.

Hyatt said...
Sep 20, 2007, 4:18:00 PM  

Afraid of Dolphins, just like Tyra Banks.

Sep 20, 2007, 4:38:00 PM  

That's not a pill T.O.

Brave Sir Robin said...
Sep 20, 2007, 6:24:00 PM  

Romo!!! I didn't want to see YOU NUDE!! It was the chick in row 4!

Mookie said...
Sep 20, 2007, 7:23:00 PM  

TO: Dolphin, dolphin on the wall . . . who's the greatest 81 of all? (The dolphin answers.) TO: Randy who????


Anonymous said...
Sep 21, 2007, 12:14:00 AM  

That man-dolphin thing's gonna kill me!

Max said...
Sep 21, 2007, 1:15:00 AM  

Crikey!! There's a live dolphin, isn't she goooorgeous!!! They're really quite majestic creatures who mean you no I'm gonna go piss one off for you folks at home.

the great bambi said...
Sep 21, 2007, 2:18:00 AM  

Jeez! I don't know if I can fit this whole ball in my mouth! At least no one can see me behind this goalpost....and where's my bottle of vicodin?? Oh, snap! time fo anotha refill!

Meatwad said...
Sep 21, 2007, 5:38:00 AM  

Wait Till Sheriff Goodell see's what they do to that blow hole! Not even a senator would do that!

mort said...
Sep 21, 2007, 12:21:00 PM  

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