AA Review: MNF Week #2 (Washington at Philly)

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

What can you say about this game? It was a pretty boring affair and if I wasn't a fan of the Redskins I may have tuned in and out. With that said, the team of Ticico, Jaws, and Tony kept the game relatively interesting through the first half and most of the third quarter. And then something happened.....

Charles Barkley came into the booth and they talked about Philadelphia for what seemed like 4 hours. I don't have a problem with them talking about the home team's city at all, and if you're going to have a guest Charles Barkey is the way to go. Buuuuuut it was just too much McNabb talk and you could tell that the scripted talk would carry into the fourth quarter. It seems like they plan on the home team winning and to talk about the home team's quarterback when they take control of the game (i.e. Carson Palmer last week).

By the time the 4th quarter rolled around and Portis ran off tackle they just barely showed any excitement for a Touchdown when there had been barely any scoring the whole game. Ron Jaworski then began showing his homerism for the Eagles and D-McNabb for the rest of the quarter. It wasn't even disguised homerism, at one point he said, "McNabb just threw that one away" when the QB threw a pass at a receivers feet right in the middle of the field.

This practice was/is pretty bad for a number of reasons, but it hurt the team overall because Tirico and Tony Kornheiser were actually having a great games. The team completely ignored the fact that Jason Campbell and the Redskins D was quietly making the Skins relevant again in that second half. This grade is entirely on Jaws this week, and all of the Philly talk. The rest of the game was pretty good.

If it's this bad for the Eagles how bad was it when he did Philadelphia Soul games (he's part owner of the team).

Grade: C, it was about a B+ after the first half.

Announcing Quotes of the Night:

"Let's send it to the Monday Night Football booth where they have all the answers"- Stu Scott
"We do? We're stupid has he not met all of us?- Mike Tirico

"Did you say exotic blitz scheme, like from a foreign Country?"- Tony Kornheiser

"Elizabeth Hasselbeck is worth the turn of the dial wouldn't you say?"- Tony Kornheiser

"Jason Taylor grew up in Taylorsville, Mississippi....Jason Campbell rather."- Michele Tafoya

"We don't want to talk about Auburn right now."- Charles Barkley
"It was you or Christian Slater....good to have you back."- Mike Tirico

"I told them I wanted help, and Shaq was coming out in the draft....they drafted Charles Shackleford."- Charles Barkley

Commenting Quotes of the Night:

"At some point, i am going to live-blog your live-blog."- Lozo

"Exotic Blitzing. Wasn't that the name of the Viking Sex Boat party?"-Anon

"The only thing that makes me happier than hearing "FORMER EAGLE James Thrash" would be "Former Eagle Sean Considine"."- RUTS

"Good job by Tafoya. She didn't say "Randy McMichael is injured. I mean, Randy Thomas."- Anon

"I want a Mark Mangino Fathead."- Hollywood Wags

"Damn, Berman's using more hair slop than Clooney used in "Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?""- Anon

TNT is really wasting Sir Charles' talent in the studio, they need to move him to games, this is gold.- Phil

"I think Jaws is overrated. Or maybe he just should do Eagles games anymore. During this whole game he sounds like Joe Theismann when he did 'Skins games doesn't he? I understand that when you play for a team it is kinda in you but it really bothers me during the telecast. I feel like I should listening to the Eagles radio broadcast."- Brett

"Chris Mortensen says the Falcons are about to sign Byron Leftwich. I guess that means that he will be a Raven in 24 hours."- Anon

Hopefully next week's Titans - Saints game will be better, and let's hope we don't hear about Drew Brees getting snubbed by the Dolphins and his Mom all game.

(Sex Boat plaque photo obviously from Deadspin)

Update: The ratings are in from last night's game and they were down 9.6% from last year's Steelers-Jags game.

"We wanted to keep Charles in the booth longer. I think he helped liven up what was a flat kind of game"- ESPN Senior Coordinating Producer Jay Rothman (SBD)

Hmm...I guess I buy that.


Yeah can't say i was watching much of the game. The Pick Up Artist was great, though

rs27 said...
Sep 18, 2007, 1:25:00 PM  

The Steelers-Jags got better ratings? I don't understand. They're not important. They don't play in the NFC East!

Anonymous said...
Sep 18, 2007, 2:11:00 PM  

Barkley was asked the same questions over and over and gave the same answer the entire time. We get it, it's tough to play in Philly because their fans are douchebags.

I give him credit though, as someone who remembers the great Charles Shackelford, that line made the broadcast.

GMoney said...
Sep 18, 2007, 3:56:00 PM  

you think i'm kidding. i promise you that before it's all over, i will live-blog one of your live-blogs. maybe next sunday's game.

Lozo said...
Sep 18, 2007, 4:25:00 PM  

kornheiser was horrible, as usual. after 6 plays, he started berating jaws: "JAWS, YOU TOLD ME THAT THE REDSKINS WERE ALL RUN, ALL RUN! THEY JUST RAN 3 PASSES AND 3 RUNS!!" idiot didnt seem to realize it was the first drive of the game. idiot also didnt seem to realize his obnoxious "calling out" of the "football expert" schtick is unnecessary, grating and pointless. we just want to watch the game. we dont want an clueless, obnoxious dbag yelling and screaming and making horribly bad, outdated jokes while also trying to spin long, drawn-out yarns and telling us the "storyline." just STFU.

Jimmy said...
Sep 18, 2007, 4:26:00 PM  

That game? The one that ended 9-0? That's kinda sad.

Sep 18, 2007, 8:04:00 PM  

Barkley was a bit boring (which is rather unusual), but I love the Shackleford line. :D

twins15 said...
Sep 19, 2007, 1:03:00 AM  

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