Ms. Waldman Addresses The Crying Incident

Thursday, October 11, 2007

I can't believe the fervor this story has created, but it's gotten all the way to the person herself. Suzyn Waldman addressed her on-air crying in an interview with Newsday's Neil Best, and I have to tell you......I respect her even less. You would think that after someone goes back and listens to themselves....after a breakdown like that....they would make an apology, say they went a bit over-the-top and we'd all move on. But of course not.....not within the Sports Media. Before I tear her argument apart get into the quotes I just want to make just one thing clear......

To me this is not a woman/man issue (and was never portrayed that way on this site) on the surface, or a local/national broadcaster issue. This is about being professional at what you do, and remembering that this is just a game. Just wanted that to be known.......onto her reaction....

"This one's getting me angry, because I don't play this card a lot, but this is as sexist as it gets," the Yankees' radio analyst said Wednesday. "What's the big damn deal? That I cried for four seconds of a 10-minute postgame?

"The idea that I can't choke up because a man I went through cancer with 11 years ago is going to lose his job and I was describing his coaches crying? It's absolutely ludicrous."
Here's the thing Suzyn, and everyone....the criticism from this site has NOTHING to do with you/her being a woman! Nothing at all. If John Madden cried on-air after Brett Farve retired, I would have (and everyone other right-minded individual would) hammer him too. As a newscaster/broadcaster/journalist covering Sports you don't cry unless someone has died or there's a National Tradgedy. You just don't! Why do I have to explain to anyone that what you/she did was unprofessional? It's a game.....A GAME! Why can't people (especially Sports Talking Heads) EVER admit when they do/say something wrong?

As far as everyone else......Women should be just downright pissed at you/her. You/everyone knows that people already discredit and demean women in Sports. Think Lisa Olson in the Patriots locker room or more recently Suzy Kolber and Joe Namath. When women are already relegated to the sideline, and not given opportunities like you to be in a booth, incidents like this (and everything Pam Ward says) make it even harder for the Pam Olivers, Suzy Kolbers, and Erin Andrews of the world. I have no idea whether they want the opportunity to be in the booth or not, but they sure the hell deserve it. I don't think that being a woman has any bearing on whether you should be a lead play by play person, but you know the rest of the world does.
"I'm not Walter Cronkite," she said. "Who are these arbiters of journalism who are. ripping me on the radio?"

"I take it seriously that I am a conduit between that locker room and fans," she said. "Every person was so busy ripping me for crying, they didn't hear what I was saying. ... If I got choked up doing it, so what?"
See it's quotes like this that make me lose all respect for someone. THAT'S THE WHOLE POINT! We couldn't understand what was going on because we couldn't get over the fact that a grown person interrupted a broadcast by crying on-air. Suz, we're people and fans who understand that what you did was ridiculous and unprofessional (well most of us). For some reason broadcasting is all about shock and awe now, and your over-the-top antics have caught up with you. Homerism is one thing, but this is/was just a joke. Local broadcasts have turned into just person after person trying to get ESPN to notice them. Well guess what? Combine this with your WWF Roger Clemens rant......they've noticed you.....and Sports Center mocked you. Congratulations.

Sorry but that's the bottom line.

(Yes, pun intended)

Waldman defends her on-air tears (Newsday)
Suzyn Waldman Cries On-Air Following Yankees Defeat (Awful Announcing)

UPDATE: For another hard hitting report watch this YouTube Clip from the Stephen A. Smith Heckling Society of Gentleman.....

Leave Joe Torre Alone!

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Wait a minute, I thought she WAS Walter Kronkite.

Would this be reverse-sexism???

GMoney said...
Oct 11, 2007, 10:35:00 AM  

sorry i'm a female...and a redsox fan i never cried in 75,78,86,2003. i was pissed...

Anonymous said...
Oct 11, 2007, 10:56:00 AM  

So she admits she was crying over the fact she was losing HER friend? Sounds very selfish indeed. Especially when the very organization she shills has the same man in their sights to fuck out of a job, despite doing one of the best managing jobs of his career.

She should have been angry it might be his last day, not crying. But like most in that pathetic overhyped organization, it's all about your own self.

I'm just surprised her and Sterling haven't spun it to be the greatest cry in baseball history.

Anonymous said...
Oct 11, 2007, 11:06:00 AM  

Totally unprofessional and lame. Even the announcer was trying to spin the story back to how Joe Torre will be golden without the Yankees.

Jarrett Carter said...
Oct 11, 2007, 11:09:00 AM  

Great point both Anons. You get mad in that situation, you tell the listener why he shouldn't be fired. If you love the guy so much take a stand and let the public know how you feel that way.

Thanks for those points of view.

Oct 11, 2007, 11:10:00 AM  

Here's another thing. It's pretty cheap to use your own cancer to retroactively justify such unprofessionalism. It's even worse to bootstrap someone else's to it. Waldman and Torre's bouts with cancer have absolutely zero relevance to the story -- which she was presumably hired to report -- of Monday night. Her own feelings for Torre also have no relevance to the story to be told Monday night. She has a single mandate, and she needlessly injected herself into it and then tried to retrofit her own importance when she was called out.

TacoBellManager said...
Oct 11, 2007, 11:17:00 AM  

"It's pretty cheap to use your own cancer to retroactively justify such unprofessionalism"

Outstanding point.

I've worked in local news for a while now and seen a reporter do the same thing Waldman did and get absolutely ripped for it. The story he was covering? A triple-murder involving kids.

That she doesn't see 'what the big deal is' is all the more maddening.

The Zoner said...
Oct 11, 2007, 11:22:00 AM  

I think 1 thing really needs to be made clear. She was not crying because the Yankees lost. I repeat, NOT because the Yankees lost. I can't emphasize this enough.

She was crying b/c Joe Torre managed his last game in pinstripes. Much like Roy Williams cries every time he has that final press conference of the season, talking about his seniors that will be leaving him (this happened more so when he was at Kansas), she was crying about the fact that Torre would be moving on.

Of course, society says there is a big difference. Society says, "She's a member of the media, and shouldn't grow as attached to the manager of the team she's covering as, say, a college coach does to his players." Yet the college coach spends 4 years with the player, while she has spent 12 years with Joe, and has grown to love him.

While her point about this being sexist is a stretch, I had absolutely no problem with her crying a little bit on air. Her gushing over Rogah...much worse, and definitely way over the top.

Anonymous said...
Oct 11, 2007, 11:39:00 AM  

I don't watch Sportscenter much, but that guy who did the "Archie! Archie!" joke was great.

HardScores said...
Oct 11, 2007, 11:40:00 AM  

If you listen to the tape it was longer than four seconds she was blubbering almost the entire time listen to her sniffling.

Its pretty bad when the idiots at ESPN get to mock you on the air.

Steve said...
Oct 11, 2007, 12:15:00 PM  

What's the big deal? This IS a man's/woman's issue. No one would have said a word if a man was crying. Waldman did nothing wrong. You are jealous because YOU never had a job on the air.

Anonymous said...
Oct 11, 2007, 1:13:00 PM  

Name the last time a guy was crying over a frickin baseball game.

hollywood wags said...
Oct 11, 2007, 1:31:00 PM  

My assumption is that she shouldn't own up on the orgasm she had about the Bottle Rocket coming back to the Janks. Ridiculous!!!! She's an ass. And completely unbiased too....yeaaaaaaaaah right. She's a total HOMER!

Zee Diddy said...
Oct 11, 2007, 1:46:00 PM  

Wah Wah Wah Waldman with the big tears, Yankees lose THAAAAAAA YANKEES LOSE!

Anonymous said...
Oct 11, 2007, 2:38:00 PM  


If it was a man crying on the air, he would have gotten ripped even worse. This was almost as unprofessional as it gets. If she wants to cry about sports, then she should go and call women's gymnastics.

WapFromNYC said...
Oct 11, 2007, 2:47:00 PM  

see you next tuesday susan!

Anonymous said...
Oct 11, 2007, 2:49:00 PM  

There's no crying in baseball!

Anonymous said...
Oct 11, 2007, 2:49:00 PM  

Worst. Announcer. Ever.

Anonymous said...
Oct 11, 2007, 2:53:00 PM  

Pam Ward was born without tear ducts.

hollywood wags said...
Oct 11, 2007, 2:54:00 PM  

I still can't get over the fact that she looks like a Fred Willard female impersonator.

Back to topic . . . she puts shame on anyone who wants to take up sports journalism as a career. Grab yourself by the bootstraps and dust off the tears. It's just a game. It's not like Torre is going to be buried under Giant Stadium by Steinbrenner anytime soon.

Oct 11, 2007, 4:36:00 PM  

Guys just got name checked by the Kenny on Sportcenter.

Oct 11, 2007, 6:36:00 PM  

I cannot believe no one has said this: There is no crying in baseball!

Second, Joe Torre is still the manager of the New York Yankees. Sure it appears he may not be back, but there has been no conformation. Truly unprofessional and truly represents the spoiled and cry baby nature of Yankee fans. I always thought announcers were to repress their personal feelings when announcing games.

Anonymous said...
Oct 12, 2007, 10:44:00 AM  

"You are either born with a brain or a cunt, never both." Humphrey Bogart in The African Queen.

Anonymous said...
Oct 12, 2007, 1:05:00 PM  

Yes, I would cry also if my multi-millionaire friend was getting fired from his job. Right. Joe Torre has enough money to do whatever the hell he wants for the rest of his life, it's not like he announced he has leukemia and 2 weeks to live. I can't listen to Yankees radio broadcasts because of her shrill, hyperactive yodeling.

Anonymous said...
Oct 12, 2007, 4:39:00 PM  

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