What Better Way To Find A Gift For V-Day Than Asking Randoms On The Internet

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

First it was Rudy Gay asking for dunks via his blog. Seemed like a clever enough idea and after Chris Bosh used the Internet to gain ASG votes it seemed to work. Well now Channing Frye of your Portland Trail Blazers is using the same tactic.....to obtain gift ideas for his girlfriend through his blog....

Guys: Valentine’s Day is coming and I have an idea about what I’m gonna do, but I’d like to hear some ideas from ya’ll.

Write and tell me either your best or your worst story. Be honest please, cause I have a lie detector on my computer. I’m interested to hear about everyone else’s big V-day.
I'm sure she'll love some of these ideas from his readers: a homemade card, the 1st season of Arrested Development, two fancy goldfish, 20 lottery scratch-its, and my personal favorite....Nachos.

Nothing will make your significant other feel more special than nachos (preferably from 7-11).

Valentine’s Day (ChanningFrye.com)
Channing Frye Pulls A Rudy Gay (Real Clear Sports)

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