Jets/Pats 2nd Quarter

Sunday, January 07, 2007


Absolute Brady used to be an actual's down for some reason.

1:57- Jets third and long again.

Cotchery scores on a hell of a TD, but there's a flag on the play.

Wow....offsides on the D, and the crowd is silent. Great recognition of the free play by Pennington.

10-7 Jets. MO-MEN-TUM.

2:02- Brady goes deep to Gafney, and that ball should have been caught.

"The hand action is what made him miss that ball"- PS, whoa Phil.....hand action?

2:09- A questionable pass interference puts the Pats near the goal-line.

Incomplete on third down and the Patriots can't get a TD in the redzone. FG is good.


2:18- I've pretty much spaced out this entire drive. A 10-10 game really shouldn't be this boring.

"They just go up and snatch the ball out of the air. If Coles doesn't come down with that one it will be incomplete"- PS, Thanks for that comment Joe Theismann.

2:24- Kevin Faulk surprises everyone with three straight carries. Same exact play.

Jabar Gaffney is everywhere.

2:35- It's amazing how bored I get with a game when the announcers are good.

TD Pats......they'll go into halftime with a 17-10 lead. See you after the jump.

Posted by Awful Announcing- at 1:50 PM


I hate Jerricho Cotchery.

Jan 7, 2007, 1:56:00 PM  

The Jets have the best names for their starting wide receivers, bar none. Plus, the Crotchrocket can play.

Jabar Gaffney should have hauled that last deep ball in.

Signal to Noise said...
Jan 7, 2007, 2:00:00 PM  

Nance - "It's a lot of gamesmanship."

My wife - "Are they just making up words?"

Jan 7, 2007, 2:15:00 PM  

OMDQ - your wife seems to have a finely tuned BS detector.

The least the Hobo and FUPA Jr. could do is make it interesting while they're having their personal pissing match of trying to double-outsmart the other.

Signal to Noise said...
Jan 7, 2007, 2:21:00 PM  

Gee, how many times will the Pats get stuffed at the 1 before they realize they should try calling another play?

Signal to Noise said...
Jan 7, 2007, 2:33:00 PM  

Is CBS planning on televising the post-game fistfight between Mangini and Belichick?

Because neither has been able to "outsmart" the other after one half of play, so they're obviously gonna have to settle this the way they do on the streets.

Jan 7, 2007, 2:34:00 PM  

See? Call a pass play, you get a touchdown! It's not hard.

OMDQ: I'll put my money on Mangini for that.

Signal to Noise said...
Jan 7, 2007, 2:36:00 PM  

Armed and Famous - giving celebrities guns and police powers is ALWAYS a good idea, isn't it, CBS?

Signal to Noise said...
Jan 7, 2007, 2:40:00 PM  

STN: I don't know - who knows what Belichick's packing in that sweatshirt.

I see it going down like that scene in Anchorman: Big Bill and Mangini line up to fight, when all of a sudden Charlie Weis and Romeo Crennel, and maybe even Parcells, appear out of nowhere.

(This is all just a ploy to disguise how nervous I am for the second half.)

Jan 7, 2007, 2:40:00 PM  

OMDQ: oh, BB's got at least a knife in the sleeve. He's gonna slash Mangini during the quick handshake after the game ends.

I am imagining the modified Anchorman scene and I wish it would actually happen.

Signal to Noise said...
Jan 7, 2007, 2:53:00 PM  

Did this game finally put AA to sleep?

Jan 7, 2007, 3:24:00 PM  

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