Big Sky Championship Live Blog- Northern Arizona v. Weber State- 2nd Half

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

And we're back!

I told you I'd live-blog this game for you, and by golly I'm going to do it! Isn't Fairuza....umm pretty (scary)

NAU hits a two.....Weber State hits a three. They have an answer for everything. 21 point lead for the 'Cats.

I'm trying to juggle watching this game and Lost with no sound. I'm pretty sure I hate Lost now, but I have to be sure.

ESPN (the second one) plays a fun game of name the University's mascot. I think I got one right from the Big Sky. Good times.

NAU on a run and they cut the lead to 19!!!!!

The Russian dude from Lost has a cat named Nadia Comaneci....that's sports related right?

Northern Arizona is trying their hearts out to get back into this, but they just can't make any ground. VanBrocklin is hurt for Weber as he turns an ankle...looked pretty bad. WSU by 17 with 14:30 to go.

NAU decides to press.....might be a tad too late. I'm just guessing though.

NAU down 14 now as they've converted on a couple of layups. Timeout Weber State, and NAU is giving a go of it.

68-54 at the under twelve timeout.

NAU cuts it to twelve and we very well might have ourselves a game. Boykin, who is catching fire, converts a three point play and the lead is 10 with 10 to go. Weber answers though putting it back to 12. NAU is keeping the ball down low on the offensive end and it's back to 10.

A cheap foul from the Lumberjacks puts Weber State on the line. Two throws make it 73-61 with 9 minutes left.

I can't believe I'm saying this but NAU has cut it to nine and Patten's 4th puts NAU on the line. 1 of 2 and the lead is 8. Weber State turns it over and it's Lumberjack ball with the score....

73-65 at the under 8 timeout.

So we have 7:26 to go in this enthralling contest. NAU has finally decided to step it up on the defenisve end. Three for NAU and the lead is 5!!! Foul on the Lumberjacks and Weber goes back to the line.

7 point lead as the Wilcats hit two FTs. Under 6 to go....7 point game. Three from NAU's Sir and the lead is 4 now. Good lord this is getting good. Turnover on Weber!

Two point game as Sir hits another shot. Timeout out Weber, and I can't believe I'm typing this....

75-73 with 4:30 to go.

Another Weber turnover, but NAU misses two close layups. Boykin has made a bunch of them, but missed a ton too. The foul puts Valeika on the line again. 2 of 2 and the lead is back to 4 with 4 to go.

Timeout NAU and a Utah youngster takes the opportunity to shake his Mormon "thang" in front of the camera.

Two points for Weber and the lead is six. Create answer from Wilson for NAU....he got fouled but no call 4 point lead. Patten takes advantage of a Lumberjack out of position and gets the blocking foul. Dangerous play with 4 fouls. Patten misses both though.

2 mins to go....4 point Wildcat lead.

Patten gets a pass down low and he'll go to the line again. He hits both this time and the Weber State lead is back to six. Boykin answers....cuts the lead to four. The press is on for NAU.....Weber breaks it easily. Harris for Weber State is having his way now, and he can't be slowed. 2 easy points on a layup.

44.5 6 point lead for Weber.

Awful shot from Sir, and Silveira goes to the line at the other end for the 'Cats. 1 of 2 and the lead is 7....three possession game.

NAU nails an NBA range triple and the lead is back to 4. 26.6 secs left. The Dee Center starts rocking Beautiful People by Marilyn Manson. I'm pumped....are you imaginary person that I picture reading this?!?!?!?!

NAU fouls with 22 secs left. Silveira makes both and the lead is back to six. Great defensive play as Henry steals the inbounds, and it looks like The Weber State Wildcats are gonna be going dancing.

Rueben Boykin picked up the foul, and he only kept No. Arizona in this contest. He finishes with 24-7.

That's the game....the final....88-80. At least it was close in the second half. Welcome to the dance Weber State, and be scared 1s and 2s. Be veerrrrrrry scared.

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