Big Sky Championship Live Blog- Northern Arizona v. Weber State

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

I'm not going to have any wonderful stats like Marco at JCMJ did. Why you ask? Because I'm lazy that's why.

I will tell you that man below these words is the handsome Johnny Gill of New Edition. What does he have to do with Weber State and Northern Arizona? Well, the most famous alum from either school that I could find is former Indiana Pacer Eddie Gill. Friends, Eddie Gill just isn't as funny as Johnny's that simple.

Tomorrow's poll is up in the top left corner of the page. If anyone votes me to do Missouri-Baylor I'll kill them.........Let's do this!

We're live from the Mormon Mecca of the world......OGDENNNNNNNNN, UTAHHHHHHH! Hell yeah! You're leading scores for each team will now go by different names. NAU's Bazy will become Fairuza Balk and Weber State's David Patten will become the Washington Redskins' David Patten.

Your Announcers are Dave Pasch and Bob Valvano. Valvano is pretty damn good after years of ready, and Pasch is a young buck, so his brain hasn't been poisoned yet.

Dee Events Center is the place of athletic competition for the evening, and the speakers are blaring with some sort of White Stripes song (I think).

NAU gets the tip and Weber comes out.......Man to Man! Quick to from David Patten who I was white. A block from Patten and Selveira converts a three point play on the other end. 5-0 Weeeeeeber. A steal for Patten....he's 9 points, 9 blocks, and 9 steals away from a triple double.

Great fadeaway from Patten....I like him already. Pasch lets us know that Patten was a volleyball player....I lose a little respect.

13-8 Weber State at the under 16 timeout.

Run Up The Score said...This was a poor choice. 7-0 Weber.

No choices here guys (and gals) voted for this game.

Sorry about the Big Sky logo. It was severly slowing down the you really need to know what it looks like anyway(s)?

Balk (Fazy) only has two points, and the Waterboy is upset. Sorry bad joke. Back to the "action". 1 point game. Cepeda, from Ur-A-Gay, hits a jumper for Weber and they go up three. Patten again and the Big Sky MVP has 8 early....13 mins left first half.

Weber State up 20-14 and there's a NAU timeout.

Juan Pablo Montoya hits a three, and we're at the under 12 timeout. If it wasn't for David Patten's receiving skills I'd be asleep right now.

"It's a short flight to Vegas from here, and that's a roll of the dice right there"- Valvano, Clever Bob....very clever.

Weber State is on fire! 14 point lead and they've scored 33 in the first 10 minutes of the half. Damn they're just hitting crazy one-handed runners and three after three. 77% from the field, and a dunk from Davis....the lead is 18. NAU finally stops the bleeding with a layup, but the damage is done. Another jumper for WSU.

39-21 Weeeeeber at the under 8 timeout.

Joe Lunardi has whomever wins this game as a 16 seed. I'd be worried if I was a number 1 playing this Weber State team. I guess I'd be worried of any team that shot 80%.

NAU is switching to a zone to try and slow things down, and it doesn't work. Another two....make that four from Weber. Weber can shoot from anywhere they want....NAU's defense is terrible.

Patten has 13 now and at the under 4 timeout Weber State has 45 to NAU's 28.

Just a warning that if the St. Johns's/Marquette game is close at the half....I'm switching games.

VanBrocklin picks up his third foul....not like it matters. Under 2...50-30. NAU picks up a two, and Bob Valvano urges them to play defense. Thanks Bob...hadn't noticed.

Weber State's Davlin Davis looks like Chris 60. Wisconsin's Kammron Taylor is jealous.

NAU hits a three at the buzzer and the lead is cut to sixteen.....not the end of the world.

53-37 Weber State. Your Stats for Weber....19-27 from the field- 70%, 3-4 from three, and 7-8 from the line.

See you in an exciting new thread after the half!

Posted by Awful Announcing- at 8:28 PM


Five bucks on the Lumberjacks, baby!

Mar 7, 2007, 9:06:00 PM  

This was a poor choice. 7-0 Weber.

Mar 7, 2007, 9:09:00 PM  

No, no, AA. I was talking about my high rollin' wager, although now we're only down three.

Now I'm going to play some Xbox and drink a Guinness.

(Only down one!)

Mar 7, 2007, 9:18:00 PM  

And there's the organ again.

Anonymous said...
Mar 7, 2007, 9:25:00 PM  

OK, whoever's got their organ out needs to put it away. This ain't that kind of party.

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