Beano's Back Baby!

Friday, August 10, 2007

I didn't actually see him, so I won't believe it until I do, but apparently Beano Cook is trying to make a comeback on the leader. Student Body Right found this throwaway at the end of Hiestand's latest press release er, column...

Cook, 75, will do Friday pick 'em segments this season on ESPN2's First Take morning show. Fired from ESPN's Scoreboard show in 1994 — "Look, people with a lot more talent than me have been fired" — Cook continued to appear on ESPNews and ESPN Radio, but not specifically for football talk.
Welcome back Beano. It's been a long time. What...thirteen years? And just so you know...AA doesn't discriminate. We're an equal opportunity purveyor of matter what your age is.

Also, FYI....The 1905 National Champion, Chicago University, is no longer in D-1. But good news...Joe Paterno is still coaching.

Beano is Back (Student Body Right)
Beano's back, looking for his next great pick (USA Today)

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Something tells me Beano likes Notre Dame this year. And next year. And the one after that.

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