Was Bobby Jenks Always This Good?

Sunday, August 12, 2007

(posted by OMDQ)

A prediction: Bobby Jenks will not allow another runner to reach base. Ever again.

I noted last week over at my place that Bobby Jenks had recorded 36 outs in a row (actually, I said 36 batters in a row, which wasn't quite correct. Thanks to Baseball Musings for doing the legwork and figuring out that there was one game where he came in and induced a double play). After a perfect appearance on Friday against the Mariners, the tally stood at 38 consecutive batters retired, which tied David Wells for the American League record.

With the White Sox trailing Seattle 6-0 in the ninth inning today, Jenks sent word to Ozzie Guillen that he wanted in. He took the hill, recorded three outs, and pulled even with the immortal Jim Barr for the all-time mark.

Chicago has an off day tomorrow before beginning a three game series in Oakland on Tuesday.

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