Dottie Pepper Blames Solheim Cup Comment On A "Technical Glitch"

Monday, September 17, 2007

Ex-LPGAer, and Golf Channel Analyst Dottie Pepper was a tad bit upset about the U.S. giving up two early matches during the Solheim Cup (Women's Ryder Cup) in Sweeden this past weekend. With the team's lead slowly slipping away she described the team as "Chokin' freakin' dogs". It was a comment that wasn't supposed to get on air, but did....

"I chose a bad set of words," she said, adding that a technical hitch had led to her private opinions becoming public. With technical hitches like that, who needs motivational team talks? But the triumphant US captain, Betsy King, denied that Pepper's intervention had spurred her players on. "You usually retire when you can't play any more. That is why you become a television commentator," she said of Pepper. Her players, lined up behind her, roared their approval at their captain's retort.
Buuuuuurn! I think that's the new go to when an ex-player blasts you on national television. And Dottie, can we not blame a "technical hitch" for your comments getting on-air? How about your loud ass mouth and unprofessionalism???

Pepper jibe adds spice as US retain Solheim Cup (The Guardian)

P.S.- I'm pretty sure this is my first LPGA post not commenting on how dreadful Michelle Wie is, so kudos to me!

P.P.S.- Mom Jeans!

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I wish someone would just say, "Look, I meant every damn word I said." I'm looking at you, Bill Belichick.

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