He Did What To Pat Riley?!?!

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Before I show you this video I want you (and him) to know that I love local Wizards Play-by-Play guy Steve Buckhantz. He has coined such terms as "Dagger" and "Backbreaker", and my personal favorite....the subdued "well how do you like that?" after the opposing team does something good.

While he is a great announcer and has the enthusiasm of 10 men......sometimes he gets out of hand. As evidenced after Pat Riley got T'ed up in last nights Wiz-Heat game....

"Jack Neis is keeping a close eye on him.......and he BANGED him."- SB

My favorite part might actually be color-guy Phil Chenier using the words "25th Thousandth Point" discussing Shaq. I still love you Steve.....please don't hate me.

See aren't Double Entendres much more fun than bigotry?!?!?!?!


since then, Tim Hardaway has talked to the NBA about firing Buckhantz

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