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Sunday, July 01, 2007

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There is a very good chance (almost 100%) that I stole that title from somebody. It's a little too witty to have not been used already. But I'm not entirely sure, so we'll just run with it for now, okay? Okay. On to the links:

A very valid question regarding Julio Lugo (Are You a Red Sox Superfan?)

A very valid answer to that last question regarding Julio Lugo (Are You a Red Sox Superfan?)

The jury is still out on how the NBA age limit will effect mid-to-lower level college programs (Signal to Noise)

This must have been what it was like to watch Muhammad Ali in his final days as a fighter, before he realized that it was well beyond time to hang 'em up. The only difference is that Holyfield has actually beaten some of the tomato cans that have been thrown at him, which gives him nothing but false hope and more brain damage (The FanHouse)

Golden State is looking to make sure last season's playoff run wasn't a one-time deal (Golden State Of Mind)

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I would retitle the header of the post, "A Paris Hilton Pink-Taco Full of Sausage Links".

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