The Statue of Liberty and the Eiffel Tower Just Aren't Wondrous Enough

Sunday, July 08, 2007

(posted by OMDQ)

The brand spanking new Seven Wonders of the World were released last night. Included are the Great Wall of China (China), Chichen Itza (Mexico), Taj Mahal (India), Machu Picchu (Peru), Christ the Redeemer (Brazil), the Colosseum (Italy), and Petra (Jordan).

My personal favorite: Christ the Redeemer. Not that I'm a terribly religious person or anything - it's just a remarkable visual, this huge statue on top of a mountain overlooking a city.

I also enjoy Macchu Picchu, even though I couldn't begin to tell you what it is. All I know is that it makes me think of this little guy...

...who, oddly enough, represents one of the few positive memories from my time as a Target employee. (Don't ask.)

Finally, for all you wrestling fans out there - the 8th and 9th Wonders of the World did not make the final cut.

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