Things To Do In Indy When You're Dead

Thursday, September 06, 2007

There are things you miss out on when you're a lowly blogger. You don't get to attend the games, you don't get to experience the fans, you don't get to check out the sights around town, and you most certainly don't get to....Play cornhole with a Coors Light Girl???

And Darren Rovell pretends his job is sooo tough...

Anyway, the game did not go over well. I was hoping that Stefanie would be good, so that I wouldn't have to feel uncomfortable about beating her. You see, when it comes to competitions like this, I can't ever be polite. So I beat her 4-0.
Damn. I wish I could play a pickup game of cornhole with a chick while doing my job. Oh that's right...I can!!! I forgot I live in my parent's basement....Mom, you got next???

Coors Light Gal, Game of Cornhole And Me (Sports Biz)

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