Eric Wynalda Dropped By ABC/ESPN

Thursday, January 31, 2008

After all of the controversy that Eric Wynalda went through last year it isn't surprising that the WWL has benched the former Soccer star in favor of another. According to ESPN....

ESPN and ABC will kick off its 13th straight season of Major League Soccer coverage with a new line-up of in-booth commentators – veteran soccer television announcer JP Dellacamera and former U.S. Men’s National Team captain John Harkes – for MLS Primetime Thursday and U.S. Soccer telecasts including, the 2010 FIFA World Cup qualifying matches.

Dellacamera and Harkes will lead ESPN’s new on-air crew for U.S. domestic soccer telecasts with sideline reporter Allen Hopkins returning for the second year on select MLS and U.S. Soccer telecasts. Rob Stone, who has been involved with soccer at ESPN since 1997, will continue his role as on-site studio host and play-by-play commentator for select MLS matches, with former U.S. Women’s National Team captain and soccer Hall of Famer Julie Foudy as studio analyst.
I don't really watch MLS on ESPN, but doesn't the addition of JP Dellacamera mean that Dave O'Brien is out as well? Either way it'll be interesting to see where Wynalda ends up now.

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Dave O'Brien has committed to doing 140 games on the radio for the Red Sox this season. Last year in his first season he did roughly 50 or so because of his ESPN commitments.

Steve M said...
Jan 31, 2008, 12:25:00 PM  

yeah heaven forbid you have someone insightful and opinionated

why not hire a homer or two

this is why I'd just assume watch without commentary and just crowd noise

Anonymous said...
Jan 31, 2008, 12:30:00 PM  

Wynalda is a whiny bastard; always has been. I truly believe he still holds a grudge against Bruce Arena for cutting him from the National Team.
Dellacamera is a homer, like hawkins said, and that's obviously why he's been bumped up to the "A-Team".

UnHoly Diver said...
Jan 31, 2008, 12:46:00 PM  

YES!!! No Dave, no Eric, I can watch soccer on ESPN again.

TJX said...
Jan 31, 2008, 12:52:00 PM  

I found some of what Wynalda said. I'd rather have him telling it like it is than the situation we have with Nantz-Simms and the Patriots. Or any broadcaster and Brett Favre. But he does have his moments of overall shittiness as well.

Anonymous said...
Jan 31, 2008, 1:33:00 PM  

Yeah I'm with you Anon....I thought he was solid at times, but overall he just lost me with his nonsense.

Jan 31, 2008, 1:49:00 PM  

I was under the impression that O'Brien/Wynalda were moving from MLS to Champions League coverage, presumably as the 2nd duo between Tommy Smyth and his partner.

odessasteps said...
Jan 31, 2008, 2:03:00 PM  

Dellacamera was already doing games for ESPN in some capacity, I feel. Don't quote me on that one, though.

Willmott said...
Jan 31, 2008, 2:28:00 PM  

Dellacamera was doing backup stuff after he got demoted for the 2006 World Cup in favor of O'Brien because the Worldwide MisLeader wanted a more "familiar" name calling the games to bring in more people.

O'Brien was HORRIBLE on soccer. Dellacamera is much better.

Anonymous said...
Jan 31, 2008, 3:21:00 PM  

Aw, he was hot.

Tina said...
Jan 31, 2008, 3:43:00 PM  

For soccer fans, this is a major UPGRADE. O'Brien sucked at soccer, mostly because he didn't know the sport. JP is a good soccer announcer and Harkes is better than Wynalda.

Anonymous said...
Jan 31, 2008, 10:02:00 PM  

Where is Eric Wynalda now? I haven't seen him since World Cup 2006. I miss watching Eric on tv. Is he still married by the way? Just wondering since the last time I saw him he wasn't wearing his wedding band.


Anonymous said...
Nov 8, 2008, 11:52:00 PM  

Yes Eric Wynalda is HOT! That's why I was wondering if he is still married.

Anonymous said...
Nov 8, 2008, 11:54:00 PM  

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