Follow-up: The Christian Defense Coalition's Field Trip To Bristol

Friday, January 25, 2008

Hopefully this can be the last post on this and now that everyone has gotten their feelings out there we can move on. Here are the highlights from the "March on Bristol".....

A dozen protesters marched in front of ESPN headquarters in Bristol today, calling for the firing of on-air personality Dana Jacobson for comments she made at a recent roast.

Jacobson, co-host of the "ESPN First Take" morning show, was disciplined by her employer after an expletive-laden speech. She was suspended one week. The protesters, some from local churches, carried placards with messages that read: "ESPN , Say No to Hate Speech," and "Fairness in the Media." Robert Muckle, 77, drove from Waterbury to Bristol to take part in the protest after reading about Jacobson's remarks in the newspaper.

"It's such a shame to disgrace Jesus and to take his name in vain," Muckle said.
You know what? I more pissed that someone took one of those damn acronym signs (A- Allowing, B- Bigoted, C- Comments) to a protest at this point than what Jacobson said. Can we put a ban on those signs permanently?

And ESPN.....seriously....can you address whether she said F-Jesus or not. If she didn't you're just letting that rumor grow bigger.

Protest At ESPN (

UPDATE: I just got back in town and noticed the comments from the clever individual that decided to write racist thoughts over and over again. I apologize for not deleting them sooner.

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