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Monday, July 09, 2007

Blogger lover and all-around awesome dude Eric Byrnes will dropped into a kayak to give live reports during the ASG this Tuesday. Adding to this radical idea....he's bringing his dog....

Not to be outdone, Fox will have the Arizona Diamondbacks' Eric Byrnes in a kayak along with his pet bulldog Bruin during coverage of the All-Star game the next night.

Fox notes that Byrnes, who is from the Bay Area and played for UCLA, is the first active player to work an All-Star game telecast -- and that Bruin is the first pet to do so.
Now if Byrnes and Kenny Mayne could somehow get into a kayak collision and/or war....I would be happy.

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(Special thanks to reader MB for the tip)

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Maybe it's the douche in me, but if I had his last name, I would name my dog "Monty"

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