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Monday, April 16, 2007

A little background.....JMU students (like myself) seem to be told from the jump that we are to dislike our rivals to the South. They have great athletics, great academics, and a gorgeous campus. It's really not a rivalry at all. Well back in 1999...The first college road trip I made in my illustrious career was to a house party in Blacksburg, Virginia.

Wearing our JMU shirts (to rub it in that we went to a better party school and had hotter girls) we walked into one of the greatest scenes I've ever witnessed. A house that had a band playing on one-level with a gigantic ice luge hanging from a second. Absolutely amazing. We strolled towards it and the operator of the contraption took one look at us and started laughing. He just shook his had and ordered us each a double. No words were said about us being from a different school, in fact nothing was said all night.

We went to Lane Stadium the next day, and hooted and hollered when one of our Linebackers made Mike Vick do a complete 360 in the air, and injured his ankle. The Dukes lost that game, but we did injure their stud QB. A 47-0 loss never felt so good.

Our team then went on to win the CAA Championship, and we ripped down the goal posts and threw them in Newman Lake. What did VT do? Oh, they just played FSU in the 1-A National Championship....but hey....they lost.

I guess my point is that Virginia Tech has always been better sports than I/we ever were. Every Virginia school seems to dislike the other (don't even get me started on UVA), but I've never been more taken aback then I was this morning. I have friends' siblings who attend the school...hell two former roommates are in graduate school there. This stuff just hits way to close to home, and it's awful. Makes you sick to your stomach.

Just a horrible day all-around for Virginia and the rest of the country, but the Hokies have and will always have my respect (even though I didn't always show it). My prayers and thoughts are with everyone in Maroon and Burnt Orange.

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That was a great post.

As a die hard Virginia Tech fan and as someone who has a lot of family in that area, it hits me close to home as well. Someone that I have talked to that lives in Blacksburg lost a good friend today, I won't say his name but he was shot. I would like to extend my prayers and thoughts are with his family and all the others that lost their children and family members today. A sad, sad day.

Jay said...
Apr 16, 2007, 6:27:00 PM  

Excellent post.

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Apr 17, 2007, 10:18:00 AM  

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