The NFL Network Is Going Fishing

Monday, April 23, 2007

So you've heard that Joe Thomas has refused every attempt to get him to New York right? Well the NFL Network is going to give you something that you've never seen before in hopes to pull you away from ESPN this NFL draft. The Fish Cam....

The NFL Network is planning things you won't see on ESPN. It will mount a camera on a boat Wisconsin lineman Joe Thomas, expected to be a high first-round pick, will be fishing in on a Wisconsin lake Saturday.

"We'll be the only one with him in the middle of the lake," Weinberger said. "I hope he gets cellphone reception" — so the onboard camera can catch Thomas hearing from the team picking him.
Not really a bad idea, but how can you pass up Tony Kornheiser calling out picks for ESPN. I submit that you cannot!

NFL Draft Doubly Blessed with Coverage (USA Today)

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What kind of stupid idea is that? I don't need to know that he's catching trout in a wisconsin lake!

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