AA Post Season Media Review: College Football (Plus Your Post Season Pammy Winner)

Friday, January 11, 2008

Okay folks....here it is....your 2007-2008 College Football Media Review! Per usual these are just opinions of one man and you are entitled to your own. If you have something to add or don't agree with one of the submissions then say so in the comments.

Let's get into it. This year's awards are brought to you by YOUR LSU National Champion Golden Girls.....

Regular Season

CBS- At the beginning of the year I stated that enjoyed both Lundquist and Danielson as a team and they have a distinctive advantage calling the same conference all year long. Boy was I wrong. Danielson not only tripped over himself and his partner on his way to the first ever Regular Season Pammy Award, I'm actually convinced that the ex- Quarterback doesn’t even know the rules of the game of Football. I don’t know how many down by contact and one foot down rules he couldn’t get right but at a minimum it was 15.

Lundquist isn’t necessarily THAT bad. Sure he messes up a bit here and there, but you can actually tell he enjoys the games he covers and has a passion for SEC Football. He still seems to know more about the players in NCAA Basketball, but he’s not what’s giving his team this grade....

Overall: C-

P.S.- I really enjoyed Craig Bollerjack when he filled in. Not that CBS would make any changes, but he’s definitely a great lead.

ESPN/ABC- College Football is far and away the best thing the WWL has going. ESPN College Gameday is still the best Pregame Show on television and the wealth of their talent is put to use during the NCAA Football season. The only problem is that there’s not one team that sticks out more than another. Either the lead was horrible or the analyst was stinking up the telecast. If ESPN mixed up the teams a bit they could really make some amazing pairings for next year. Just put the dreadful people with the other dreadful people, so I can finally get my dream team of Pam Ward and Andre Ware. The Wardes!

Overall: C+/B-

Best Announcing Team- N/A

I’m sorry but there wasn’t one team that stood out as great this season. Either lead or the analyst did a horrible job, and in a lot of cases it was both.

Just missed: Ron Franklin and Ed Cunningham

Worst Announcing Team- Pam Ward and Ray Bentley

I don’t even know where to start with this team. They were factually wrong multiple times, didn’t know rules, messed up player’s names, and did about a quarter of a game near the end of the season with no sound. Obviously that last one isn’t necessarily their fault but it culminated the end of a dreadful season.

Best Individual Lead- Ron Franklin

I can’t even express how much I love Ron Franklin on any sport. He speaks well, is accurate, and works perfectly with whomever his partner is. The guy is a class act and was solid all year long.

Honorable Mention: Brad Nessler, Sean McDonough

Worst Individual Lead- Pam Ward

I’m sorry, but someone who doesn’t know the difference between a punt and a kickoff would not be a lead for me if I was running things. She is much better for College Basketball and should really stay there full time.

Honorable Mention: Mike Patrick, Thom Brennamen, Gary Thorne

Best Individual Analyst- Todd Blackledge

Having to deal with Mike Patrick’s insane comments should qualify him on it’s own, but Blackledge was light years better than any other analyst throughout the year. ESPN loved him so much that they started to go to him during SportsCenter pieces and even added him to Gameday for the BCS Championship. Good move.....he should replace Desmond Howard full time.

Worst Individual Analyst- Andre Ware

These are the ones that are hard to give out. There’s a difference between guys like Ware and Spielman and Paul Maguire. I can tell that Ware and Spielman actually care about the Sport they are covering, but they just don’t belong on the call of any game. They really just can’t keep up with their own minds and furthermore their leads. I am convinced that Andre Ware just starts making stuff up when he runs out of stuff to say.

Honorable Mention: (Obviously) Paul Maguire, Chris Spielman

Best Studio Personality- Chris Fowler

I’d almost be willing to say that Chris Fowler is the best host in any Sport and on any Network. You would hard pressed to find anyone with more knowledge about College Football and keeping Lee Corso in line is a job in itself. Speaking of Lee....

Worst Studio Personality- Lee Corso

He just doesn’t even know what’s going on anymore (not that he ever did). I mean the guy was convinced that Boston College was still in the Big East earlier in the year. Come on.

Best Newcomer- Jonathan Wiener of Trinity College

Every announcer could learn a thing or two from his passionate call at the end of the “Lateral Game”

Honorable Mention: Jesse Palmer

Worst Live Broadcasting Idea- Where’s Paul

The idea to put Paul Maguire in various spots throughout the stadium during the game was the most distracting and pointless idea I’ve ever seen. When they showed him on the camera truck getting confetti thrown at him to celebrate New Years Eve during the Chick-Fil-A Bowl…..I wanted to throw my Champagne flute at the screen.

Best Sideline Reporter- N/A (Sideline Reporters are pointless)

Just kidding…….of course it’s Erin Andrews!

Best Player Introductions- Cartman

Quote of the Year- Mike Patrick

“What is Britney doing with her life?”

Post Season

Overall I have to say this was one of the worst Bowl Seasons in quite some time and not just in regards to the Announcing. Almost every game was uneventful and I can’t imagine how hard it gets to call a game when there’s a blowout on hand. In a Bowl Season filled with boring games I think only one word can sum up the entire College Post Season: Bands.

FOX’s BCS Bowl Bash was the worst set of Post Season games by any network I’ve ever watched in my life. Thom Brennaman was dreadful, Charles Davis regressed, Terry Donahue was confusing, and the only Announcing highlight, Matt Vasgersian’s Beer Truck and Dingle Berry comment, seemed to be poached from other mediums. I'm also praying that Oklahoma never makes another BCS game again…..not because I hate the team, but if I hear that school Fight Song ever again I’m going to lose it.

FOX’s Grade: F (first ever in AA history!)

Best Announcing Team- John Saunders, Doug Flutie, Jesse Palmer

I’ve never seen a team more passionate about a game (International Bowl) that no one was watching.

Best Individual Lead- Matt Vasgersian

Even if he did borrow those lines for broadcast I think that he was the only breath of fresh air during the BCS. He seemed to be genuinely excited about the game and was hilarious at times. I don’t buy the fact that his humor takes away from the game. I think he balances it perfectly.

Best Individual Analyst- Jesse Palmer

You may laugh it this selection, and I did when he was signed by ESPN, but the kid is solid. He’s as knowledgable as any person in the business and his timing is perfect. I was really impressed with him in the Studio all year, but especially during the International Bowl.

Post Season Pammy Award Winner- Lou Holtz

As if there was any doubt. You say you’re going to cut someone on National television…..you’re going to win something (probably a restraining order). Thanks for your almost one thousand votes and I give your final Post Season Pammy Standings and the video of your winner.

5. "Now you know why his teammates call him 'Sweet Pea'." - Charles Davis
"He's got a couple of nicknames. Donny Avery called him a white Michael Vick." - Mike Mayock
"I think Sweet Pea is a little safer." - Brad Sham
4. "Owen Schmitt, like a big runaway beer truck" - Matt Vasgersian
3. "You have an I-Pod and an I-Phone?"- Todd Blackledge
"Anything with an I in it I have it. If they come out with an I-Car I'm buying it."- Mike Patrick
"Do you have Britney Spears on that I-Pod?"- Todd Blackledge
"No.............although I hear she might be renting out that double wide to a family member."- Mike Patrick
"You know, I did Larry Fitzgerald when he was a young redshirt freshman at Pittsburgh."- Gary Danielson

And your winner.....

Thanks to all of you readers and commenters for a great season and hopefully next season will be just as crazy! Leave your thoughts in the comments.


note to color commentators after this year: less is more

Hawkins said...
Jan 11, 2008, 1:27:00 PM  

To have a last name like Wiener makes me laugh a little bit.

ssreporters said...
Jan 11, 2008, 1:27:00 PM  

Agree completely with the Jesse Palmer sentiment. They either need to move him onto Gameday or give him a full slate of games next year. Sean McDonough/Jesse Palmer anyone?

Anonymous said...
Jan 11, 2008, 1:35:00 PM  

I know he didn't do a lot of games, and what he did was on ESPNU where no one heard them, but Larry Coker made for a good analyst. He didn't really get too excited about things, but he was solid at providing insight and explained why a team would do x instead of y.

Anonymous said...
Jan 11, 2008, 1:48:00 PM  

Charles Davis was pretty solid. You are crazy if you think he regressed.

Anonymous said...
Jan 11, 2008, 2:20:00 PM  

Personally I thought that the Where's Paul was entertaining. It wasnt' entertaining in the traditional sense like they wanted it to be, but because it was a blatant attempt to get Maguire out of the booth. Bob Griese's thinly veiled hatered of him was one of the reasons I loved watching that team.

pihi78 said...
Jan 11, 2008, 2:58:00 PM  

Sweet Lou. Everlasting.

JC said...
Jan 11, 2008, 3:18:00 PM  

AA - I don't see it with Bolerjack, Isaw him do two games this year and he had no idea the clocked stopped on every out of bounds play. Twice he said the clock will run when put in play. I think he's awful.

The best college football team was Ron Franklin and Mike Gottfried back in the day.

rs27 said...
Jan 11, 2008, 3:19:00 PM  

I kind of smirked when I first saw Palmer way back when, too, but I gotta admit - every time I saw him, at a game or in-studio, he was solid.

Which, obviously, means tWWL will demote him.

Phony Gwynn said...
Jan 11, 2008, 3:20:00 PM  

Charles Davis = good golf analyst

Brett said...
Jan 11, 2008, 3:28:00 PM  

I think Saunders/Flutie/Palmer were so pumped about the International bowl is because they all have ties (either being born or playing) to Canada.

Phil said...
Jan 11, 2008, 3:35:00 PM  

Those LSU girls aren't so hot when you enlarge them...but I guess few are...

rhino ear said...
Jan 11, 2008, 3:48:00 PM  

Is Jesse Palmer the next Gus Johnson as far as the internets loving his underrated work???

phil, I was going to say the exact same thing.

GMoney said...
Jan 11, 2008, 3:56:00 PM  

The Franklin/Gottfried/Karsten combo was the best on TV, broken up only by unfortunate circumstances.

Craig Bolerjack has enough trouble keeping names straight in his day job of calling Jazz games for FSN Utah without having to do any more SEC games for CBS. He's brutal.

Rick James Bible Owner said...
Jan 11, 2008, 4:58:00 PM  

my mom is convinced Jesse Palmer is there to bring in female viewers of ABC's the Bachelor

hawkins said...
Jan 11, 2008, 5:04:00 PM  

ron franklin she be part of the lead team - like before. for me he is the voice of college football and basketball for that matter.

i like holtz but he's no trev alberts. that team needs more spark. if i hear holtz not take a position on a coach or team or whatever i am going to go crazy. trev wasn't perfect but he called folks out and it worked. mark may needs him.

derby said...
Jan 11, 2008, 5:27:00 PM  

that makes me more mad then anything when it comes to fucking Mark May, i lived in Bristol for my first 21 years and im going back to live in CT to finish my life, what a douche i love that place, he doesnt know whats there cause if he would leave the building someone would kill him.

GusJohnsonForGod said...
Jan 11, 2008, 5:50:00 PM  

God, however worse Andre Ware is, Paul Maguire is 10x more terrible. The guy is horrible. I kinda wish ESPN kept their Sunday Night Package so I don't have to listen to that buffoon ramble on like he does and ruin my Saturdays. Oh well :)

I'm not feeling the Vasgersian stuff over here. I'm not particularly a big fan of his. I also disagree about Corso, I love the comic relief he brings to the set.

I do agree though with the Ron Franklin and Jesse Palmer sentiments. Ron Franklin and Mark Gottfried should never have been split up. Palmer was with CSTV for a while as an analyst and he disappeared for the 2006 season.

One thing I wish ESPN would do is keep the announcing crews more consistent. They keep jumbling them up and Ron Franklin is constantly getting demoted.

To wrap it up, there has to be other guys out there that can announce not named Pam Ward, Ray Bentley, Mark Jones, Ed Cunningham, Tim Brandt, or Andre Ware. Please get these people off of the air, you're killing me here.

Eric said...
Jan 11, 2008, 9:12:00 PM  

I see a lot of folks enjoying Ron Franklin's work but for me he's about as bad as it gets. Been wishing he would go away for awhile now. I do think Jesse Palmer did a fantastic job this season. That International Bowl with Saunders, Palmer and Flutie was as fun as any three announcer team could ever make such a meaningless game. Yet, the ultimate highlight of the 2007 season was Cartman introducing Colorado's starters vs. Nebraska. Priceless.

Sportsattitude said...
Jan 11, 2008, 9:34:00 PM  

Ron Franklin is someone I think we remember fondly on ESPN's Saturday Night football coverage. I just wished Adrian Karsten had paid his taxes.
I just thought of this...No grades for FSN/CSTV/Versus/NBC?
Versus deserves an F just for the blown TD call of the Stanford-USC game......kidding.
The focus belongs on ESPN/ABC & CBS because these were the broadcasts that most college football fans watched. Aside from the blown Ron Thulin call & "Face Rape' by Dave Lapham, I couldn't tell you anything about those other broadcasts.

Rick James Bible Owner said...
Jan 11, 2008, 10:44:00 PM  

Someone who got wrongly off the hook here because he never should even though the east coast rarely hears him: Dan Fouts. Go back to being an analyst, dude. You're the Bryant Gumbel of college football.

Anonymous said...
Jan 12, 2008, 3:08:00 AM  

For entertainment value McDonough, Spielman, and Rob Stone are hands down the best crew. If you don't watch those Friday night games, you're missing out--even if you hate WAC football (and who doesn't?).

Anonymous said...
Jan 12, 2008, 4:32:00 AM  

you know what? i think you loooove jess palmer...haha h*mo! just kidding, he was good- i agree with you.

Also, yeah, FOX should be ashamed of itself. Davis and Brennaman (and Alvarez) are so f'n bad.

Jan 12, 2008, 12:21:00 PM  

I have something worse than "Where's Paul": ESPN MUST stop having phone interviews during their games. In-booth guests are distracting enough (I though Lennox Lewis was going to push Flutie right out of the booth), but a bad cell phone interrupting actual game play on a network with 40 hours of interviews already is pointless.

DTM said...
Jan 12, 2008, 2:37:00 PM  

I don't relish doing this, but your remark about Jonathan Wiener didn't cut the mustard. It's Trinity University, not Trinity College. At least that's what my degree says!

David said...
Jan 12, 2008, 3:03:00 PM  

Gus is getting me ready for March with this Vandy vs UK game today, outstanding announcing and a great game. Sloppy but competitive- the game. Gus is just outstanding.

Brett said...
Jan 12, 2008, 3:47:00 PM  

THIS JUST IN (Cause I can't wait for the live blog):

I've killed Sarah Connor. She is dead, stop running promos for her Chronicles, FOX.

Anonymous said...
Jan 12, 2008, 4:14:00 PM  

I agree, FOX was just God-awful. Although one crew I enjoy listening to is Tom Hammond and Pat Haden for NBC. I know, I know, I'm a Michigander and it's blasphemous for me to appreciate anything that deals wtih Notre Dame, but they are a good crew.

Versus was alright, their production was a little improved compared to the games they did last year. Somebody tell Joe Bennanati and Mark Jones that I don't want a dictionary when I sit down to watch a college football broadcast.

Eric said...
Jan 12, 2008, 5:05:00 PM  

David, you beat me to the correction. Glad to see there is another tiger reading and trying to remind people its trinity university and not trinity college.

pickitup said...
Jan 12, 2008, 6:01:00 PM  

Gary Danielsen is best college footbal announcer in the game. He's objective, articualte, and his keen unsight is unparrelel. He knew better to leave ABC\ESPN because they're so bias towards the Big 10.

Anonymous said...
Jun 1, 2008, 12:57:00 PM  

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