NBC Pulls Its First Flex Card Of The Year

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

You've gotta love the leeway that NBC gets for its Sunday Night games, and it seriously has to piss ESPN off that they can't do something similar. For those of you not aware, starting after Week 10 NBC has the option of swapping their Sunday Night game with any Sunday afternoon contest. Fox and CBS each can protect five games each year, but only one a week, and NBC has to let everyone know they Tuesday 12 days before.

Week 11 the network will be trading Chicago at Seattle for New England at Buffalo. So while ESPN will be stuck with Tennessee at Denver that week.....NBC will be hyping up Tom Brady for a good 4-5 hours and loving every minute of it, and guess what? They have him again in Week 12 when the Eagles head to Foxboro.

Can we just call NBC, TBC?

Posted by Awful Announcing- at 11:04 AM


You are factually wrong. Flex scheduling begins in week 11, not week 10. So Indy/San Diego would stay because it wasn't a flex week.

Mookie said...
Nov 6, 2007, 11:54:00 AM  

You are correct. My fault...fixed.

Nov 6, 2007, 12:07:00 PM  

TBC? Tom Brady's Cock?

twoeightnine said...
Nov 6, 2007, 12:49:00 PM  

Man, my Bills getting two national television appearances this year, awesome! They aren't going to f this one up though.

Wait they are still my Bils.

Brett said...
Nov 6, 2007, 1:07:00 PM  

It's a curious call at best. Do they really think "America" is interested in watching the Patriots win 45-17?

New York Giants at Detroit would have been the most interesting game to pick. Maybe they passed on it because the Lions already have a short week (Thanksgiving)

I'm gonna go out on a limb and say that NBC will go with either Vikings/Giants or Redskins/Bucs for week 12. They won't go back-to-back Pats.

Anonymous said...
Nov 6, 2007, 2:09:00 PM  

From NFL.com: "The NFL will decide (after consultation with CBS, FOX, NBC) and announce as early as possible the game being played at 8:15 p.m. ET."

My guess is that we get Pats at Bills because FOX is protecting Eagles at Pats in week 12.

Draft King said...
Nov 6, 2007, 3:47:00 PM  

If I was NBC, I'd want Adrian Peterson on my network as much as possible no matter who is the QB or what their record is.

GMoney said...
Nov 6, 2007, 3:58:00 PM  

You are both wrong.

Giants/Lions is protected so cannot be moved to NBC.

FOX can't protect Eagles/Pats because it isn't their game. NBC already pencilled their choices in; THEN CBS and FOX get to protect what is left.

The most likely reason the Eagles@Pats goes back to FOX, is because there is a maximum of 6 primetime appearances for 3 teams (5 appearances for the rest), therefore NBC may choose not to "waste" a primetime appearance with the Eagles game, as they may wait to add a better one later.

But then in this instance, it still seems bizarre to "blow" a primetime spot on this Bills game.

Anonymous said...
Nov 6, 2007, 4:00:00 PM  

Bizarre? It's an undefeated team playing against a division rival who has completely turned their season around since their last meeting.

An Eagles game would bring which story line? TO vs. Moss... too late. McNabb vs. Brady... Eagles fans are hoping for Kolb vs. Brady. I've got it, it's a rematch of that Super Bowl 3 years ago! Woohoo, I bet the intensity is still there.

I'm sure that NBC doesn't care about ratings either. It's not like the Bills - Cowboys game was the highest rated MNF game or the most viewed cable TV broadcast of the year.

twoeightnine said...
Nov 6, 2007, 6:27:00 PM  

But then in this instance, it still seems bizarre to "blow" a primetime spot on this Bills game.

Especially with Steelers-Pats available later in the season. But then that's probably protected too.

Morgan Wick said...
Nov 6, 2007, 7:01:00 PM  

What do you mean "ESPN will be stuck with Tennessee at Denver that week"? The Broncos suck, but the Titans are pretty good this season. Not at good as they should be though.

Anonymous said...
Nov 7, 2007, 2:26:00 AM  

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