SNF Live-Blog: DAL-PHI Pre Game Open Thread.

Sunday, November 04, 2007

Hi folks, S2N back with you for another Sunday night game. The picture above is of Tony Romo's latest rumored arm candy, Sophia Bush. Talk amongst yourselves regarding the Pats-Colts action that's still going, Peter King's Romo fetish, or anything else Week 9 football related.

A premise for you, from a non-rooting observer: the refs in Patriots-Colts have the fix in for the Colts, judging by the first-half officiating. Discuss.

See you for the first half!


For all you NASCAR junkies (all 1 of us)...the race in Texas is almost as good as Super Bowl 41 1/2.

My boy, #24, is not having a great day but is salvaging it somehow.

dummy said...
Nov 4, 2007, 7:11:00 PM  

Now that the Colts/Pats game is over, you can switch it to the race and watch an even better finish.

dummy said...
Nov 4, 2007, 7:16:00 PM  

For those of you that missed the end of the race, WOW! What a great finish between the 17 and the 48.

dummy said...
Nov 4, 2007, 7:29:00 PM  

Dummy, I'll need a translation: I recognize #24 as Jeff Gordon, but the other numbers are foreign.

And the Colts cover the spread...hmmm...

Signal to Noise said...
Nov 4, 2007, 7:40:00 PM  

Romo's an ugly mutt. How the hell does he get HOT women? $$$ talks I guess. Wonder if his dad set this one up too.

Anonymous said...
Nov 4, 2007, 7:43:00 PM  

S2N...#48, aka Jimmie Johnson, aka defending Nextel Cup Champion, passed #17, aka Matt Kenseth, aka 2003 champion, with 2 to go...#48 now leads #24 by 30 points with 2 races left.

And what's even better, they are teamates and best friends...gonna be a great next couple of weeks.

dummy said...
Nov 4, 2007, 7:48:00 PM  

anon - if we're talking fugly QBs we gotta talk the Manning brothers and Jeff Garcia, who has the oddest shape to his face yet is married to a Playmate.

Romo is just bland-looking.

Signal to Noise said...
Nov 4, 2007, 8:03:00 PM  

I swear to God, this "Green" thing just illuminates, woops, I mean illustrates, what a bunch of pinko-commie-liberal-panty wastes NBC is.

What a bunch of effing hyppocrits...during their special on Global Warming, they traveled over 500,000 THOUSAND MILES burning jet fuel!!!!!

That's 21 times the circumference of the ENTIRE PLANET.

I sooooo hate NBC and PMSNBC!

dummy said...
Nov 4, 2007, 8:14:00 PM  

Nascar is totally gay. And Jeff Garcia looks like he's getting chemo.

Anonymous said...
Nov 4, 2007, 8:15:00 PM  

"All the guys you don't want to cover Terrell Owens has to be #1!"- John Madden

Yeah Madden!

Nov 4, 2007, 10:01:00 PM  

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