Dave O'Brien's Tie Gets The Wednesday Night Wardrobe Scrutiny

Thursday, August 07, 2008

I was waiting all night for EA or someone to joke on the whole dressgate (or whatever they're calling it) from last week, but alas....nothing. Well that's not entirely true. Rick Sutcliffe decided to make fun of Dave O'Brien's fancy tie last night, which prompted the following exchange....

"I'm going to leave the wardrobe comments alone this week OB."- Erin Andrews

My favorite part of that whole exchange was Dave O'Brien saying he never comments on EA's out and, to Sutcliffe, "as you should too." I think that's the perfect note to end this whole thing on.

Erin Andrews Wardrobe Watch 2008 (Awful Announcing)

(Thanks to HK for the clip)


OB only gets to appear on TV once a week so he can wear any tie he wants.

Ian said...
Aug 7, 2008, 10:36:00 AM  

You just know that Sutcliffe has a huge crush on EA.

GMoney said...
Aug 7, 2008, 10:39:00 AM  

I always get a little nervous when Sutcliffe talks to or about EA, because he seems bound to say something horribly, horribly inappropriate.

Jay said...
Aug 7, 2008, 12:24:00 PM  

Sutcliffe is REAL...EA is an attention Whore (and likely a real whore), who is getting from Sut what she desires...ATTENTION. EA is and NEVER will be a Journalist, so quit pretending she is! Sex sells and she is selling it.

Anonymous said...
Aug 7, 2008, 3:41:00 PM  

jay... do have a woman in your life? Let me answer that... NO. She is attractive and good at her job, which makes her even more attractive. Calling her a whore because she is successful is cheap and low, and shows an amazing lack of intelligence or maturity. Leave the poor girl alone, she's just doing her job, and trying to have fun at it.

Anonymous said...
Aug 7, 2008, 10:18:00 PM  

Anonymous 3:41 called EA an "attention whore," not Jay, and I wouldn't be so quick to call her a "real whore" either, unless you personally know something 99.9% of the rest of the world doesn't.

Tainted Alligator Souffle said...
Aug 7, 2008, 11:30:00 PM  

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