Cubs Fans vs. White Sox Fans

Thursday, April 05, 2007

People are just brilliant sometime(s). I figured I'd post this since both teams play early games today. Enjoy, and say your prayers for me as I try to finish lunch.

(The video is from March, so I apologize if you've seen it already.)

Posted by Awful Announcing- at 12:34 PM


That's some quality side-boob at Wrigleyville.

As for Jimbo's -- *shudders* -- I know hot Red Sox fans exist; I dated one, but boy howdy, is that a libido murdering row if I ever saw one.

Signal to Noise said...
Apr 5, 2007, 2:48:00 PM  

Remind me to stay the hell away from Aberdeen, Scotland. That was just scary.

twoeightnine said...
Apr 5, 2007, 3:16:00 PM  

Excuse me: White Sox. I'm a moron today.

Signal to Noise said...
Apr 5, 2007, 4:26:00 PM  

I have not doubt Cubs fans are hotter than Sox fans, but I have a feeling the Wrigleyville party was one of those events where the local strip club sends the whole stable out to spice things up. They do that in Baltimore too. Of course, I would rather be at Wrigleyville anyway. The hot chicks are just gravy.

J-Red said...
Apr 5, 2007, 4:36:00 PM  

Four words Cub fans: 2005 World Series Champions.

chipramsey said...
Apr 5, 2007, 5:13:00 PM  

Those clearly aren't Cub fans, I didn't see any 57 year old women from Iowa or downstate Illinois.

Otter said...
Apr 6, 2007, 1:47:00 AM  

Uhhh, "2005" isn't a word, it's a number. If you wrote the number out, it would read "Two Thousand and Five." So, it's not "four" words, my typically-educated White Sox fan, but in fact one number and three words or seven words if you spell it out. Go back to your crack pipe.

Anonymous said...
Apr 6, 2007, 12:41:00 PM  

Dear anonymous Cub fan,

Go back to Grand Rapids.

Otter said...
Apr 6, 2007, 3:51:00 PM  

This is exactly why I hate the Cubs. Where do you want to go tonight???? I'm a baseball fan, give me the team that cares about its product and fans that won't put up with the Tribune's crap. There's no such thing as a "Cubs fan" anymore, at least I didn't see one in this video. Cubs game consist of 75% "Wrigley fans" who are there to get retarded and show off their sweet Mark Prior jersey.
So, to answer the question, If I want to go get drunk and be one of the thousands of guys creeping on dumb hot chicks who know nothing about baseball, I'll see you at Wrigley. However, I prefer to be able to see a good baseball game at a good baseball park (No obstructed view! Imagine that!) and not be annoyed by the 30 frat guys behind me yelling at three 16-year-old girls to show them their boobs.
Oh, and Miller >>> Old Style.

South Side For Life said...
Apr 7, 2007, 3:06:00 AM  

How are you going to say the hot girls don't care about baseball? How do you know? They looked just as interested in baseball as the old, ugly ass White Sox fans.

JayMariottieISaFag said...
Apr 7, 2007, 5:17:00 PM  

One Number and One Word Cubs fans: 99 YEARS

Anonymous said...
Apr 23, 2007, 1:00:00 PM  

Cubs fans suck balls. Theres only as many hot chicks as gay men in wrigleyville. And I'm sure those hot chicks you cubs fans rave about will go down on mostly any man that buys them a martini because all women in wrigleyville are practical sluts. Jimbos, haha! You swear any real Sox fan would go there anyways. It looks like you had a good time there, Mr. Photographer. HAhhaa! Anyways, you guys can keep flopping all the way until the Astros beat you to the World series again only to get beat by yours truly,

And I know what I'm talking about you yuppies, Cus I reside on the Northside.

BarfSquirt said...
Jul 15, 2007, 5:00:00 PM  

Your video just proved exactly why Sox fans are so disgusted by Cubs fans...where is the baseball??? Everyone knows that there are better looking people on the north side but would I choose a baseball team because of that? Cubs fans are completely ignorant about baseball and the team that they "love" so much. You fans should change your names from Cubs fans to "Wrigleyville fans" or "Don't ask me questions about baseball, I'm just here to have a good time fans"...I think it would suit you guys perfectly.

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