How Not To Throw Out An Opening Pitch

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

I mentioned yesterday in the Opening Day: Open Thread that the Mayor of Cincy had a pretty bad first pitch. Well Fan IQ found the video. Worst. Throw. Ever.

Posted by Awful Announcing- at 2:04 PM


Oh. My. God. That was hilarious. Poor guy!

Sooze said...
Apr 3, 2007, 3:57:00 PM  

eric davis seems as awkward as the mayor.

Apr 3, 2007, 4:06:00 PM  

we need to compare this to the time that Carl Lewis threw out the first pitch for the Mariners.

At least this guy is just a nerdy, uncoordinated mayor, Carl was an multiple-time Olympic medalist!

Apr 4, 2007, 12:03:00 AM  

What, no Uecker references?

"Ju-usssst a bit outside..."

Got Map? said...
Apr 4, 2007, 8:36:00 AM  

He should be immediately removed from office.

TJ said...
Apr 4, 2007, 11:58:00 AM  

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